Tuesday, April 22, 2014

in honor of earth day: Montagne Jeunesse goodies for you

Lately, I am really not sure what is up with my skin (or hair for that matter), but I am such a greasy mess of a human. Everyday I cleanse, exfoliate, astringent-ize, tone...apply clay masks...everything in hopes that my skin won't look like the bottom of a Burger King bag...but to absolutely no avail. I feel like I am being Freaky Friday'd by a 16-year-old who works in a Vaseline factory. Because of this, when the folks at Montagne Jeunesse offered to let my readers in on exclusive giveaway, I was all in. They must have seen my glistening T-zone beckoning to them like a Bat signal. [Tangent: Aside from being excited to get my own facial freebies to review, I did sincerely love my experience with their single-serving masks as shown in this post and wanted to share the gift of spa skin with others. ] 

Montagne Jeunesse, which I probably can spell easier than I can pronounce, is an established earth-friendly and cruelty-free company, which offers a wide variety of masks for reasonable prices. [Tangent: God knows I could use it since apparently my face waited till the age of 31 to hit puberty.] I like that each packet contains one mask because it prevents buying a big jar of a product only to find out it doesn't work for you. [Tangent: Also, whoever writes their product copy is my favorite person: 
" ...Animals are our friends- that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals."
"Looks and smells delicious, but please don't eat!" 
My second favorite people are the amazing package models. Only in my dreams do I look this glamourous while applying goop to my face.

After reading all the packages and sifting through info on super fruits, natural honey, aloe-vera and coconut, I opted to sample the Manuka Honey Peel Off mask.  It matched my sweater and said it was cleansing...plus, who doesn't love the act of peeling a mask off? it is somehow 100x more gratifying. [Tangent: And made me look like a sexy molting snake...if that is "a thing."]

Though it was a little sticky (it is made from honey after all), the mask made my face soft and now it smells like the yummiest cup of tea ever steeped! [Tangent: I have asked Jamie at numerous points tonight to smell it to verify. He agreed it smelled like a yummier honey lemon coughdrop!]

To enter their giveaway and get some fun and natural products for yourself,  all you have to do is click below on the huge obnoxious link below:


*the products used in this post were given free of charge to me from Montagne Jeunesse, but the opinions therein are my own. 


  1. Fun! I just entered. I've used one of their things before and thought it was fine. My face is such a rotten evil thing though. It hates everything.

  2. I love the way they smell. I prefer the fabric based masks from them though bc they are a bit neater and go on more evenly. I've tried a couple of those and they made my face feel awesome.


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