Wednesday, April 2, 2014

march insta-dump (dream phone, weddings, boner dollars and ice storms)

OK, remember  the other day when I said I have been a shitty blogger...well, I decided I am gonna continue the trend today and just do an insta-dump. [Tangent: OK. No, pervs...not what you are thinking...I do not cater to that niche market. This just means I am gonna dump on here some of my instagram pictures to fill in the blanks on some March happenings that didn't make the blog...but that definitely should have. Act interested....] I know it seems lazy, and those that  follow me on instagram don't really care, but oh well.

At the beginning of the month, I found out from my friend at Spashionista that the super talented Megan at the blog Megan Mae Daily was doing a limited run of caricatures for $10. This seemed like fun, so of course I partook and I think she did an awesome job. Look how cute anime Kimmie turned out. Also, thanks to Megan for being SUPER generous in the boob area.

 The beginning of March also came with a freakish ice storm that brought down a reign of terror on my van. All those pretty icy branches that look like they should be in whatever country Frozen took place in are actually hateful assholes that shatter windows and dent up roofs. Ugh. Nature .

I got the best change ever at Sonic.

 My lovely friend Alex got married and had one of the most fun weddings I have ever attended. When the pictures come back from the photographer, I will likely post a bunch on here of me dancing to SuperBass or being silly with my friends in my dress which I described as my princess cowboy cupcake dress! I loved it!
I got together with some of my friends from pub trivia at Rae's house to play preteen girl board games (Dream Phone and of course Heartthrob) and sing karaoke [Tangent: Naturally, I Lisa Loebed it and didn't need the words...and Rae did her standby "Lips of an Angel"] in lieu of playing trivia. I love playing games made for girls with my adult male friends. They get really into it. [Tangent/Sidenote: Dreamphone is kinda complicated....I don't consider myself a dense person, but we were almost done with the game before I realized what the hell was going on!]

I ordered a used iPod on eBay because there is no way in hell that I can get all my music off my computer and only my overstuffed phone. [Tangent: The Sophie's choice of what songs go and which songs stay on there is overwhelming.] Anyway, the treat in buying a pre-owned music device is you get to see the crazy assortment of music that the previous owner couldn't live without. There were only about 15 songs....all gems. Unfortunately, I do delete all this to make room for my stuff. I will never know how to dougie.

After the prodding of my friends, I decided to become a big girl and buy red lipstick and try to pepper it into my routine. [Tangent: I have always been aversed to any lip product that requires a mirror for application.]  I'm usually too big a pussy in the lipstick department out of fear I will look like Pennywise or the Joker, but here is my "BABY'S FIRST RED LIPS" pic. Wish me luck on this new attempt to step outside the box.

Last, but certainly far from least, I got my tickets in the mail for the Weezer Blue Album concert at the Ryman this weekend. I am so damned excited! It sold out so quickly that I thought I wasn't gonna get tickets.  Can't wait! 

How was your March?


  1. what a good month. we need to do game night more often. and maybe play girl talk next time.
    I CAN'T WAIT FOR WEEZER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. we really do. If you have some dice...I do wanna play the Saved By the Bell game again too...only because it seems hilarious...I was just too lazy to understand the directions. But the goal is to date both zack and slater by the end of the game.

  3. that is my kind of game night - "Stay" is my karaoke jam! along with "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.

    P.S. red lips are a good look on you.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I go crazy on eyeshadow and nail polish shades but all of my lip colors are different shades of nude gloss. This was taken after the girl at MAC did them..I worry that this is not something I can recreate


  6. I'm so bummed that I missed the wedding, but you guys seriously looked gorgeous. Also, the line about 'hateful assholes' made me giggle even though I'm sorry they tried to kill the robot van. Aaaaaaalso, BONER.

  7. I'm sorry you weren't there too!! You went to elaborate lengths to skip a wedding! ;) was super bummed you missed it but you'll just have to come to my wedding one day and celebrate extra hard


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