Wednesday, April 23, 2014

new part-time job for the full-time gypsy

As most of you know for the last year or so, I have been a gypsy....not in like a Romany bedazzled neon bridal wear kinda way, more in like a aimless, careerless, working here and there kinda way. [Tangent: Not because it has been bohemian or sexy or so anti-establishment of me...more because it is just what happened. If you know me at all, you know I love stability, so this wasn't a choice thing.] Although not being gainfully employed is at times frustrating, it's also been sort of awesome. The good has slightly outweighed that demoralizing look of condescension received when you tell people "this and that" in answer to the question, "So, what do you do?" [Tangent: I have learned better than to say, "nothing" and now just say "writer" because that's true, right?]

not this kind of TLC gypsy...I don't have the boobs for that

 After working for jobs that I didn't really love...or even like...for years [Tangent: No offense to these places, but cubicle land is not for me, and not seeing results or growth is hard on a person..], I came to be completely self aware. I was getting lazy. If I wasn't passionate about what I was doing, I became a total slacker and my work was a reflection.  [Tangent: Growing up, I was always a crazy over-achiever and took pride in what I put out there so the fact that I was basically sleepwalking through my days was a bummer.] I see it as a blessing that they downsized 3 days before my father passed away because I got to spend time with my dad and it really knocked home the fact that you should not just tolerate your life...but enjoy it.

 In my time off, I learned/acquired some things:

  1. Everything becomes a business venture...I sold stuff on Ebay for 6 months and existed on my wages...I monetized my blog...and cleaned out my closet on Poshmark.
  2. You will get pitched every conceivable pyramid scheme. Seriously, I don't have enough fingers to count the number of times I heard, "I have got an exciting opportunity for you, all you need is $300 and a dream!" Ugh. [Tangent: It wreaked of this.] 
  3. You have time to get serious about your hobbies. I produced several paintings and pretty much tripled my blog readership because I have time and energy to devote to things I really liked. 
  4.  I have been super healthy. Probably healthier than I have been in years because I had the time to do things that most people do naturally but I forget to do when I get breathe, sleep and hydrate. Over the years, but not for lack of trying, I have discovered full-time work is too hard on my body. 
  5. I now own 2 drawers of stretchy waist lounge pants. 
But GOOD NEWS: this old t-shirt, braless lifestyle is getting an update because next week I start a new part-time job...and at that a new highly exciting part-time job that seems custom made for me and one that I am sincerely excited about! I guess good things come to those who wait. [Tangent: This job is one where I will get to integrate three things I know a lot about: disabilities, social media and people. I'm an "I have an idea" kinda gal and they told me in the interview process that they wanted my ideas. This is a welcome change and one I will be proud to promote and talk positively about. I have always envied people who enjoyed and didn't just begrudgingly accept their jobs.] I actually got the call a week and a half ago, but have been hesitant to post the news, for fear that something would fall through. I didn't wanna jinx it, but now that I know that I have been fingerprinted and enrolled in orientation...I think I am in the clear.  This is the job that upbeat 22-year-old college graduate Kimmie wanted...but the one that 31-year-old jaded Kimmie thought wasn't available anymore.

The idea of a steady paycheck that I have earned is exciting and so is the idea of having a set schedule and missing The View 3 days a week. Even though my year off has bumped me up a pants size, I am so excited to have a reason to pull my business casual out of the back of my least on a part time basis. I can still have pajama day at home here and there.


  1. Fantastic! Glad you found something that seems tailor-made for you! I dream of that day sometimes (mine basically includes winning the lottery, buying a huge piece of land, and adopting all sorts of about-to-be-euthanized dogs, cats, maybe horses). Unless, you know, someone already DOES this, and just wants to pay me and supply room and board to work in such an epic place. ;)

  2. This post has made me so happy. I can't agree more with you on what you have learned in your time off. I am dealing with the same kind of thing but reading it put in words so well made my heart swell. I used to never know what to say when people asked what I do, now I tell them I own and operate a Free Knit and Crochet pattern website (it sounds better than saying "nothing" or laughingly "trophy wife". In my years unemployed I was able to get healthy, loose 90 pounds, and start excising 4-6 days a week. Our budget is stretched (especially now I found ModCloth) but, my husband has been wonderfully supportive of me, he went through years of being unemployed too. Anyway, you are awesome and keep up the great work. I am so happy to have found your blog.

  3. So glad you did, too! I think a lot of people share our position...and I have learned in the last 15 months just how many people do. I have also heard 100000 people's condescension and opinion...and that part sucks. I am really glad to have some part time stability with an office job that I believe in...but I think if you can afford it, time off is good for the soul.

  4. You should defnitely foster or work with some rescue orgs...I have lots of friends that do things like that down here and although it is sad at times, it is so rewarding!

  5. YES! It is refreshing to see a group of people not afraid of change and growth and ideas. I have never gotten to have real input before at a non-freelance job...and you KNOW I have opinions!

  6. Congratulations!!! I'm in the same age group and too am working on finding the difference between meaningful and meaningless employment. I'm glad to know that there is hope!!!

  7. yeah...i have a hard time working doing something where I don't interact in some way with people and get feedback (good or bad) on a regular basis and where creativity is not embraced. Everyone is different. I have also decided I wanted a job I was proud of and that I felt I was good at and I'm glad I finally will.


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