Monday, April 7, 2014

preezer and weezer blue album show at ryman

I am not gonna lie- Saturday was pretty awesome. In the company of hoards of earnest lyric shouters (myself included), my fella, my friends and I went to go see Weezer perform the Blue album in its entirety at my favorite venue, the Ryman. [Tangent: I'm absolutely admittedly, a fairweather fan of the band, which I know is a dagger in the heart of everyone who is hopelessly devoted. I never left them completely, but I can avow that I never bought into anything wholeheartedly as I did their first work- the blue album.  That album was my youth and has resurfaced and always stayed relavent in my life. I remember in middle school getting my hands on it for the first time, memorizing it and then my sister and I changing the words of "My Name is Jonas" to make it about Days of Our Lives characters. (See, I told you, I have no shame in trying to appear cool.)I have probably bought it three or four times. For this reason, there was little hesitation when I bought my tickets- this had the 90s addict in me hooked from the word go.] I wanted to be there to go hoarse screaming "LIKE FATHER, STEPFATHER...THE SON IS DROWNING IN THE FLOOOOOOOD!" ...but first as in all good things there was a pre-party. A preezer, if you will. 

Thankfully, I have incredibly equally ardent and dorky friends...who love a theme. I mean when Weezer-ing, you need to be adequately carb loaded while listening to Weezer pandora.  Here was our snack spread [minus the 'scuse me if I dogs. I never got a good pic. I'm sure Rae will write a better blog about all this sometime this week...but really she should...I mean her blog is called Say it Ain't So, after all. ]
my offering was "somebody's heine is crowding my icebox...pie"

el scorcho party mix made by my fella

Rae's pink triangle cookies
Nettie's islands in the sun gnocci
everyone took a turn snapping a picture of Rae's boob area, so they could get a shot of this vintage homemade button.
 It was a packed house/sold out show. Thankfully, the finicky bastard that is the handicapped seating reserve process proved to be a blessing, because I scored tickets even when a lot of people I know got totally locked out. Here's the obligatory front facing camera concert selfie. [Tangent: Possibly being photo bombed by Clare Bowen, Scarlett from Nashville. Maybe not...but I like to imagine that is happening.] This was us after being super excited to be relocated to a better section where I could see better. High five, sweet old lady Ryman usher- YOU DA BEST!

The show started with a retrospective of one song off every album going from most recent to what we all came to see. There was a brief intermission slideshow, which was a personal touch to their longtime fans because it was like they had taken you back in time, before the band came out and blew me away with blue album goodness. [Tangent: I can safely affirm I have never back sweated at a concert so much as I did during "Undone (The Sweater Song)". My back was dripping, ya'll! ] I wish I could say I took some hard hitting rock 'n roll photography at the show, but I was up in the balcony and frankly, too busy white girl wheelchair dancing, so I will rely on youtube and instagram to share some of my favorite things about the show.  The band took a moment respected the venue and went front stage to do an accoustic rendition of Suzanne. [Tanegnt: never has a song from Mallrats sounded so purty.]


The show ended perfectly, with the band lined up in front of a blue screen to mimic their album cover. No encore needed. [Tangent: Unless you went to Pinkerton night on Sunday!]


  1. White girl wheelchair dancing - LOL - glad you enjoyed yourself. The Ryman can be quite unkind to us crips unless you find a fairy-god-usher like you did.

  2. It can go one drastically different way or another. IT is still my favorite Nashville venue. It is very difficult to see without prime seating at a rowdier her kindness was appreciated.

  3. Can't wait to read about your weezer weekend!!! Yours was far cooler!!!


  5. It was pretty great.


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