Thursday, April 3, 2014

the internet is weird: volume 1738919381271819 (sock weirdnesss)

OK, so that number is an approximation, but seriously ya'll, I am sorry (but completely not sorry) that this is all I blog about sometimes, but finding the crazy on the internet is just too easy and enticing.  This madness pretty much just falls into my lap...or rather my inbox.

Today was no exception. I was messing around on my blog's facebook page and noticed I had a new private (oops. not anymore)  message:

Sorry, I removed the email if you are into this weridness, you can research it yourself if you are so inclined...but seriously ewww.

The line is super fine  between innocent past time and then someone trying to combine several feisthes into one instragram account. [Tangent: The dead giveaway is the very loose grasp on the English language.] This seemed like the latter so needless to say, this dude isn't gonna see my tootsies today...unless he looks on instagram hard enough...or even finds my Sock Panda review I did last year...I guess what I am saying is, do your your research insta-creep. Why is this even a thing????

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