Tuesday, April 8, 2014

what's with today, today?

OK, I realized I bludgeoned you into submission with mid-90's nostalgia yesterday with my Weezer Blue album post  and you thought that you had at least a week or so grace period before I brought up something from that era, well, clearly you don't know me very well at all. Anyway, you can't be negative...

I know it is not an official Hallmark/calendar holiday (YET!!!), but the internet has deemed April 8th the day to celebrate all things Rex Manning and Empire Records, so say no more, mon amour. That is what I am going to do. [Tangent: Since the moment I watched Empire Records in middle school, I was obsessed. It gave me the delusion that working in retail was a super sexy fun time blast...I would later learn this is completely false. Romantic entanglements were minimal and my boss never kept a drum kt in her office. However, it has clearly influenced my adult decisions, because I've  thought many times that my boyfriend is basically Mark/Marc.] Here are some simple ways to add a little Rex Manning into your day without embezzling money from your employer, hitting up Atlantic city, brandishing a gun, taking speed or stealing some metal, rap and Whitney Houston CDs from your local retailer. [Tangent: I don't endorse those things at all.]

  • Glue some quarters to the floor
  • Pull out your finest flannel or combat boots
  • Hold a faux funeral for your depressive friend to make them realize how important they are (on the clock of course)
  • Buy a pack of pink Bic daisy razors with moisturizing strips 
  • Listen to Sugar High at least once
  • Shave your head
  • Celebrate all things Lucas and don't leave the couch...if you have to leave, take a cushion with you (also speak philosophically and wear a turtleneck!)
  • Make cupcakes to take to work to celebrate your childhood celebrity crush!
  • Only pronounce the word orange like Gina (ReneeZellwegger) does (ooooor-inge)
  • Watch  Gwar while while eating brownies (ingredients are up to you) 
  • Visit and buy some stuff from your local record shop and tell them "they think they are so superior" (Ok, maybe not the second part. That would make you kind of a B-hole.)
  • Tell a stranger your name is Warren Beatty and then flip out when they repeatedly call you that
  • Make some buttons and/or buy these on etsy
I think that is a good start! [Tangent: To be honest I will likely just listen to my soundtrack!] How would you celebrate?


  1. Actually, Clint and I met when he walked into the Record Haven I was working in looking for the latest Bad Co cassette. Therefore, I must disagree with your non-romantic assessment of retail. To this day Empire Records and High Fidelity are on my short list of favorite movies of all time.


  2. Maybe it was because I worked in a women's panty store...entanglements were minimal because it was all ladies.

  3. This post makes me like you even more :)

  4. Hello! I clicked over from your guest post at What Do You Do Dear, and, doing some browsing, found this post. Love it! You are now officially added to my feedly... feed.

  5. YAY! So glad you have found what you didn't know you were looking for all along! I write about a lot of random stuff so buckle up!


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