Wednesday, May 21, 2014

circa 2006 Vince Vaughn dreams do come true

From about 2005-present (but dwindling slightly after 2009), I've had a ginormous love of all things Vince Vaughn. I know his last few comedies have been kinda meh, but remember the good ol days. Remember his bumbling monologues in Wedding Crashers and Swingers. That tall drink of water danced into my heart and stayed there for years. Old School, A Cool, Dry Place and even the terrible Psycho reboot. I was all over it. I may have even written this VERY embarrassing ode to him in 2005 on my embarrassingly terrible college blog when I had to choose to see Elton John over going to his last Wild West Comedy Tour. [Tangent: NO ONE read that blog, and now I can see why. I really don't know why I had friends much less any followers. Oh well, ya live...ya learn!] Then there was the photoshopping...

yeah...I know. I am not even ashamed...that is some good skin tone blending on the neck.
Basically, what I am saying, is that it is never too late for second chances, because Sunday night, I was legally within shouting distance of Mr. Vaughn. As part of his Wild West Comedy tour, VV did a Q & A with Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island at Nashville's Belcourt Theater, so of course because I love all things involved- I was there and in the very front! [Tangent: OK, let's be and enthusiasm will only get you so far...the reason I got to be in the first 2 rows was all thanks to the wheelchair. It definitely has it's perks.] I am planning on writing about the event for my side gig over at Nerds and Nomsense later this week, so I will not go into too many specifics other than it was awesome and hilarious, but I will let you know that me and my 20's love shared a moment. We made eye contact 4-4.5 times...although when this photo was taken he may have been calling out the woman in front of me for taking video. [Tangent: I prefer to speculate that he was just bewitched by me.]

Seriously, all you have to do is gaze upon that 12 foot fella to know that our dwindling love is now reactivated. I would climb him like a sycamore tree! Also, the internet has taught me he knows a thing or two about being differently abled. According to this site dedicated to celebrity deformities (yep...that's a thing!), Mr. Vaughn is missing a fingertip.

Oh, did I mention this is how I spent me and Jamie's 3rd anniversary? Jamie really is the best boyfriend ever if for no other reason telling me afterward, "I was excited that you were on the aisle, because I thought if Vince went into the audience, then he might brush against you." Do I have the best dude or what?

Friday, May 16, 2014

The Cosmetic Market fiesta means a giveaway for you!

Unrelated Preamble: Thanks to all those who wrote such sweet things after my last post. The love and support is palpable. This week, I'm taking baby steps into a normal non emotionally trainwrecky world and playing post catch-up. 

I'm not a big deal blogger at all...but if people want to believe I have some shred of influence on anyone...I will allow them that delusion...especially if it means I get to be invited to some event I'm not cool enough to be at.

That's basically what happened yesterday when I was invited to a style party at the Green Hills location of The Cosmetic Market. The invite mentioned margaritas, Mexican food and free beauty products and demos so of course I was like, "yep, where do I sign?" Not to mention I got to spend time with some of my favorite Nashville blogging friends Trisha (of Let's Go Ride a Bike), Lauren (of Lladybird), Kaelah (of The Clueless Girl's Guide) and Jen (of Librarian Tells All). Without allies, I probably would have been overwhelmed.

Because I suck at being a blogger, and took zero photos [Tangent: I'm the worst! I really should have taken pictures if for no other reason than to immortalize the fact that I wore red lipstick and it looked good (according to makeup experts who don't subscribe to my assertion that lipsmackers = lipstick.) and it wasn't all smeared on my face and teeth. Capturing that rarity on film would be like catching lightning in a bottle.} I pretty much was like, "I need to write about this event but I have zero to show for it" (unless of course, I did some rudimentary photoshopping to recreate the evening or just posted stock photos of eye shadows.)  I thought I needed to do something to give a special shoutout to The Cosmetics Market for sponsoring such a cool outreach opportunity and sending me home with a pretty hefty swag bag. While dumping out my goodies and rifling through them like a fat kid with their Halloween candy, I decided it was an embarrassment of riches.

My shelves already runneth over due to my impulse purchasing power, and I only have so much skin and hair! Some of these products were just begging to be shared (Although I did keep some for myself. I am not that generous!) ...Eureka! A giveaway! [Tangent: Also, men that read this blog, more than half of these products are fairly just because you are a dude, doesn't mean you can't have pretty skin and hair, right?] There's all sorts of good stuff in there from brands like Kevin Murphy, Ahava, Bumble and Bumble and many others. You'll be getting a nice assortment.

It's simple to enter below and if you already like my facebook page, you are already partially there!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 (Disclosure: The Cosmetics Market isn't directly sponsoring this giveaway, but all the products included can be found there and they indirectly made it possible by bestowing upon me all the goodies!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

chris will be missed

In the last couple weeks, I have opened and closed my laptop about a couple dozen times. Almost each time, I open blogger, hit the "new post" buton...type a couple sentences. Erase a couple sentences.  X out of it. Shut laptop. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.  I've been so hesitant with posting anything because nothing seems to be adequate, but it's the elephant in the room that I have been shuffling around for the last 2 weeks. [Tangent: I don't handle serious things well. They make me uncomfortable when I face them head on. It's far easier for me to write about Toddler and Tiaras or something trivial and unimportant. Unfortunately, my life is filled with serious things. and I wish I could say that makes it easier. It doesn't.]

Something similar  happens every May, and I have deemed it MIA MAY.  In 2011, I fell in love in May and couldn't be bothered with anything. In 2012, I got my gallbladder out and was Internetless for the entire 30 days. I wish my absence so far this may could be put in such easy to explain and less emotionally taxing terms, but it can't. On May 1st, I lost my oldest brother.

On that Thursday afternoon, he died suddenly and of natural causes from some as yet unknown thing, which is incredibly frustrating and still makes it hard to completely accept as real.  People ask me on a daily basis how I am dealing with all of it, and to be honest, it still hasn't entirely been absorbed.  My mind is not lithe enough to wrap around it. [Tangent: I've never lost someone close where it was not a planned upon death or at least somewhat expected death. We knew my dad had only a few days towards the end so it made each moment more memorable to me. I got to tell my father several times goodbye and remind him how much I loved him. I think the last thing I told Chris was something about not knowing where he could find a good deal on a tablet PC. Although he knew I loved him, it's not exactly the goodbye you'd hope to have.]

Healthwise, Chris did not take the greatest care of himself, he had some ups and downs personally and battled many different things, but his early departure from this world was not expected. Aside from his frequent sojourns to other states I have never known life without Chris.  Part of me just feels that he's out of state for a few months or maybe camping with his friends, which he did just about every weekend.

that's me and my bro.
He was 7 when I was born and was always my big brother....always will be. He gave me my middle name and my extensive knowledge of 80s metal. [Tangent: Why else would a 6 year old know all of the Guns N Roses Use our Illusion?] When we were little, we used to do this thing, which we thought was hilarious and fun, because in a pre-internet world, it was, called the Jones sandwich. The four of us would dogpile oldest to youngest and declare ourselves pieces of the sandwich. Chris was the base, the support, the bread on the bottom so the sandwich could function. He probably wasn't thrilled about it, as shown above, but he did his brotherly duty and obliged us. He was always a good sport.

He had an obscenely HUGE heart that wanted to adopt every animal he saw and every person that for some reason was getting the shaft by society. Most people who spent more than 5 minutes with him could feel his good aura. His friends were his extended family. It's a very tragic thing that there are people out there he will never meet who will never again recognize his potential for amazing. At his visitation, it was overwhelming to see all of his friends from different facets of his life convene to brag on his many awesome qualities. I wished he could be there because he would have been in the thick of it.  He dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail. and was so excited that he was gonna have a nephew in the fall [Tangent: Not mine. My sister is pregnant, which I have been trying to keep a secret until recently.]  His timer ran out before these things could happen. It all is just hard to swallow. Although I struggle with the abstracts of an afterlife, I know he was glad to see my dad again, and dad was glad to have his first baby there with him. Their hypothetical reunion gives me chills. 

Thanks to my friends and the blogging community for being so amazing and supportive during all of this. I love you all. Thanks for giving me some time to write this, even though it doesn't even scratch the surface of whats going on in my mind.  I promise to return to normalcy in the next few days. I have learned a lot about the grieving process in the last couple years, and sometimes the best medicine (at least in my case) is getting back to a normal routine.
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