Wednesday, May 21, 2014

circa 2006 Vince Vaughn dreams do come true

From about 2005-present (but dwindling slightly after 2009), I've had a ginormous love of all things Vince Vaughn. I know his last few comedies have been kinda meh, but remember the good ol days. Remember his bumbling monologues in Wedding Crashers and Swingers. That tall drink of water danced into my heart and stayed there for years. Old School, A Cool, Dry Place and even the terrible Psycho reboot. I was all over it. I may have even written this VERY embarrassing ode to him in 2005 on my embarrassingly terrible college blog when I had to choose to see Elton John over going to his last Wild West Comedy Tour. [Tangent: NO ONE read that blog, and now I can see why. I really don't know why I had friends much less any followers. Oh well, ya live...ya learn!] Then there was the photoshopping...

yeah...I know. I am not even ashamed...that is some good skin tone blending on the neck.
Basically, what I am saying, is that it is never too late for second chances, because Sunday night, I was legally within shouting distance of Mr. Vaughn. As part of his Wild West Comedy tour, VV did a Q & A with Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island at Nashville's Belcourt Theater, so of course because I love all things involved- I was there and in the very front! [Tangent: OK, let's be and enthusiasm will only get you so far...the reason I got to be in the first 2 rows was all thanks to the wheelchair. It definitely has it's perks.] I am planning on writing about the event for my side gig over at Nerds and Nomsense later this week, so I will not go into too many specifics other than it was awesome and hilarious, but I will let you know that me and my 20's love shared a moment. We made eye contact 4-4.5 times...although when this photo was taken he may have been calling out the woman in front of me for taking video. [Tangent: I prefer to speculate that he was just bewitched by me.]

Seriously, all you have to do is gaze upon that 12 foot fella to know that our dwindling love is now reactivated. I would climb him like a sycamore tree! Also, the internet has taught me he knows a thing or two about being differently abled. According to this site dedicated to celebrity deformities (yep...that's a thing!), Mr. Vaughn is missing a fingertip.

Oh, did I mention this is how I spent me and Jamie's 3rd anniversary? Jamie really is the best boyfriend ever if for no other reason telling me afterward, "I was excited that you were on the aisle, because I thought if Vince went into the audience, then he might brush against you." Do I have the best dude or what?


  1. i love that your old blog had three followers, one being you. and one being me. hahah! i'm glad you had such a good time. i know what it is like to finally be close to someone you have spent many hours fantasizing about.
    i can't wait for saturday! wie wie!

  2. YES! You truly were there from the beginning...which is semi hilarious bc we didn't even know each other super well then. I think at that time no one I knew had any idea what a blog was.

  3. Dreams do come true! True, confidential Hollywood secret: I was a huge, huge fan of "Old School" and "Wedding Crashers" when they came out...films that speak to the collegiate in all of us. I'm so glad you got to see him up close and personal, looking forward to reading your write up on the other blog! :D

  4. who wasn't!??!? I dare anyone to be too cool for old school! PUN INTENDED! My boyfriend has never seen Wedding Crashers..and I swear I think he is a martian.

  5. Thanks for linking my post! I wouldn't say my site is dedicated to celebrity deformities so much as it was the subject of that one post. O.o Tall is number one on my list of top five necessary male qualities. (Breathing and non-smoker are two and three) So Vince gets a thumbs up from me.

  6. Jamie IS the best! I bet it's an easier pill to swallow since your celeb crush has benefits of being totally hilarious vs. some allegedly "handsome" guy starring in rom coms. Lame.

  7. I will fix it stat!! I loved that post so much! Invaluable infor!

  8. Yes...he is!


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