Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's like this and like that and like this...and uhhh...

Hey guys...remember me. I used to be consistent. Yeah, that's me. Just call me Kimmie Come Lately.  Let me be honest, I just kinda needed a break to get my bearings. Creative "oh my god! This needs to be blogged about" genius has struck a couple times, and then immediately even the idea of opening up the laptop seemed overwhelming, so I didn't. Instead I just had some me time: I got some much needed sleep, or spent time with my family or crossed something off my miles long "needed to be done list" or actually soaked in the fact that I now have a job that I love. [Tangent: It is so beyond bizarre to me to feel completely confident at a position that I just entered into and to feel needed and not just tolerated. There is no age limit for the transformative power of getting a gold star.]

As part of my job, I write and do social media, so I am getting used to the fact that I can now do that as work and play. It's all about compartimentalization [Tangent: I realize that isn't even a word, but, Mr. Webster, it should be.], and getting used to doing what I love all the time. Trust me, I am getting the hang of it, and will not leave you hanging anymore. Also, even though I was barely present on this URL in May 2014, I got my all time highest readership [Tangent: As DOUBLE what I usually get in a month. I hit 500 likes on Facebook. And I acquired some new fans on google friend connect and Bloglovin.]  I guess I should go on a mental vacation more often. Absence makes the heart grow fonder is not just something stitched on a pillow at Kirkland's, guys. It's reality.

I was also doing a shit ton of other writing that I had previous volunteered myself for before the sloth took over my here is some reading to catch you up! Here's what I have been doing instead of hanging out with you guys. I promise not to be so much of a stranger.

  • For the lovely and well spoken Mary Evelyn at What Do You Do, Dear? I wrote this blog about how people with disabilities are allowed to be total assholes on occasion [Tangent: This should not be news to my readers, friends and all.] Apparently, this post resonated with someone, because it was reblogged over at Kids Included Together, a site dedicated to inclusion for those with disabilities, and a place that I may be doing some work with in the future.
  • Then for Alicia, the Spashionista, I wrote this post about the benefits of being on wheels and wearing shoes...real ground breaking Pulitzer worthy subject matters. It is ripe with pictures of my feet for you weirdos out there. 
  • Just so you don't think I have completely jumped ship to ONLY writing about disability this and disability that, yesterday, my post about The Lonely Island Panel with Vince Vaughn was published on Nerds and Nomsense.

So yeah, that's what I have been doing. I promise I will be around more. What have you guys been up to?


  1. Hooray! There you are! I was beginning to worry a little bit! :)

    I am loving the adorable note you got at work. Thinking I may need to do something similar for the people who work for me. A little gratitude does go quite a long way!

  2. Thanks!!! I can never stay gone too long. I needed the break

  3. It always feels nice to be appreciated and be told your worth. I think words of affirmation are very important. People shouldn't depend on them, but it's always nice to get word that you are on the right track or doing a good job. I always think of it like how I train my dog. Anytime he starts acting good, I say "good boy!!! Good boy!!!" And he loves getting praise so hr keeps acting good.


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