Sunday, July 6, 2014

App Happy Chronicles- What Would I Say? (crazy stuff apparently)

The fourth came and went, and I completely failed to acknowledge my blogoversary! Four years! Thanks to those that supported me and made me feel like my then new hobby was worth while, and for those readers that have found me along the way. [Tangenet: I guess what I am trying to say is.
"Thanks for loving me Tangents and all."] 
To celebrate I decided to give you what you should come to expect from my site... random ballyhoo.

With all that sweetness out of the way, for someone that uses technology like I require it for breathing [Tangent: Which I kind of lungs are shitty.], I have no ideas what makes the Internet and computers beep and boop. Daily I come across things online that make me wish I knew what an algorithm was [Tangent: or even how to spell algorithm without autocorrect intervention.] Alls I know is that the internet is getting WAY too intuitive, which probably means robots will soon take over the world. I've seen AI, I know what's up. I may not know the whys, but I do know that I am completely helpless in the presence of an Internet wormhole.[Tangent: You know when you're a kid and for some reason, against the better judgement of your parents,  your sibling spends his allowance money on a copy of The Enquirer at Kroger and for days you pour over the crazy stories of bat boys found in South America. It's strangely intriguing but completely lacking in substance or validity. You cannot look away. This is basically what happens to me every time a new bewildering site or app is presented to me. Kids don't know how good they've got it. They can indulge their curiosity without wasting their allowance or having the check out lady judge their purchases. ]

Because of this, I have to share what kept me rapt from about midnight- 2 AM the other night courtesy of my friend Laura, who is really good at enabling my bizarre pursuits. [Tangent: When I showed this site to Jamie today, he said it was years old and he had heard about it last year on Facebook, but oh well, I am going retro because it is new to me.]  The app and site  she introduced me to is What Would I Say?

how could i not be interested immediately?

 Basically, by allowing it access to your Facebook profile,  it Frankensteins together new statuses based on words and phrases you have used in past Facebook interactions. [Tangent: So it sounds like you if you were in the midst of a stroke.] Since it blew my ever-loving mind,  I knew it begged to be shared. [Tangent: ...not unlike the site that allows you to carry on a conversation with a chatbot and the site that translates websites into Ebonics.] They aren't always coherent, but when they work...they work! Here were some of the amazing statuses it came up with for me. Some are simple and to the point...others are troubling.

...and my two favorites...

Do it! NOW! Make sure you let me know what it comes up with. I can't wait.


  1. Oh my, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. KimmieBot has a strange and twisted since of humor.

  2. I know!!!! Some of them contained bits of phrases that made logical sense, but others I couldn't figure out ! Not sure in what context I discussed ritual suicide


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