Monday, July 7, 2014

survey says...

Guys, I gotta apologize and say a hearty I'm sorry for only really posting a teensy handful of blogs this month. I have been a little busy and uninspired but I am posting two in a there. [Tangent: I even have some reviews and things that have been backburnered for later in July because I can't give them the attention they need.] For this reason, I am MAKING myself write this morning. What better way than to go all 2005 Myspace survey on you folks like I have done before! Enjoy. [Tangent: Also, I challenge all my blogger friends to repost when they are having a throwaway day.]



My mom has had a ton of work done on this house lately. She needed change. I have never been good with change especially things that hold memories considering I have lived in this house on and off since I was born. However, I am kind of in love with the new deck because it makes me feel like I live in a tree house or am at the beach everyday. Both are amazing options. It's been done for only a few days but I already am obsessed with it! 


I wish I could say I was reading Infinite Jest or War and Peace, but I am not...I am mostly reading Entertainment Weekly and Buzzfeed. The last book I read was The Fault in Our Stars, which I plowed through in 2 days last month and I have started his other work An Abundance of Katherines so I guess I will claim that.

My bookshelves are spilling over with my "to read list" so I am determined that next year I am gonna do a 100 books a year challenge like Rae over at Say it Ain't So. I am nothing without goals and deadlines.


Last week, we started the new HBO series The Leftovers. [Tangent: Since season one of Silicon Valley ended, I have a little HBO sized hole in my life. This came just in time.]

Not only is the show created by Damon Lindelof of Lost and Tom Perotta, who wrote Little Children and Election, but it has everything that fascinates me: cults, rapture...Justin Theroux's perfect eyebrows. After the first episode, I have absolutely no idea what is going on and I love it. [Tangent: I do know that Beyonce and Gary Busey are among those spirited away, so I guess that afterlife is filled with bootylicious crazynesss.]

Listening to...

I have been mostly listening to podcasts because they allow me to drown out background noise at work...when I am going to sleep...when I am driving...whenever.

My routine is pretty cut and dry: Who Charted? on the way to work [Tangent: I am obsessed with Howard Kremer and was thrilled to go see him perform at the High Watt earlier this summah. This old lady went to a 10:30 comedy show, so you know my love is real.] and Go Bayside on the way home. [Tangent: If have never listened before and you love Saved By the Bell...seriously...what is wrong with you??!??! They are deep into the Tori episodes, which means the pod cast series is coming to an end. Ugh. I am bummed. If only, April Richardson would next tackle BH 90210.]

Working on...

Planning a baby shower. My family from California are coming in town in a couple weeks so we can have a baby shower for my sister (and spend lots of time with my ridiculous niece.). We are all really excited! [Tangent: This is my fourth baby shower hostessing in the last year, so long story short- if you don't wanna be great with child, stay away from me. I am like a daggum Kokopelli. ] This is what the internet told my sister her son would look like.

How cute is my hypothetical nephew? (even with weird toddler five o'clock shadow).


  1. I owe you a blog post. You've seen my life lately. It's on the list, I promise, but probably not until we get Rhoda settled in and start her treatments.
    I don't have time to read much and I'm ashamed to say I'm a fiction snob. If I don't love the writing or can figure out the formula in the first 20 pages I can't finish it.
    We're trying to get into The Leftovers, too, and Halt and Catch Fire.I tried watching WGN's Salem but it was SO bad I had to stop because it was just irritating me.


  2. No rush whatsoever. I know where you live!!

  3. oh my gosh have you caught up with who charted yet? the most recent two charted they go through some of the songs off "summah this summah that' and "gu cruise" made me lose it! i actually finally went and downloaded all of the summah albums.

    also, I want to watch the leftovers, thanks for the reminder that is exhists!

  4. I just added you on goodreads because that list looks awesome! But I forgot to write a note telling you who I was, so that doesnt really help you. Whoops. Also Rae is a brave soul. I could read 100 picture books a year, but not 100 book books.

  5. Adorable hypothetical kid! Ooh, now I want to try that and find out what my soon-to-be nephew is gonna look like.

    Also, An Abundance of Katherines is so, so good. It makes me happy that you're reading and liking it. I wish more people read it!

  6. I used to read a lot and listened to about 2 audiobooks a week at work. It wasn't so hard. I just fell out of practice and I know I have a lot to catch up on. The last couple books I have read have captivated me, which is good bc I had been on a dry spell where I couldn't get I to anything. I'm serious, next year I'm gonna try it!

  7. No!!!! But now I will

  8. Love this post. Way to #throwback and be creative. I may have to follow suit. My blog has been quiet lately!

  9. It's a really good way to beat writer's block!


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