Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Supermarket Spokesmodel Edition

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember that last week I posted this picture of me when I was roughly nine... posing with Jello pudding pops in a local Kroger kids do.

look at this ass hole!
 A lot of people had a lot of questions [Tangent: I mean...who wouldn't??? Kudos! Pudding Pops! Combos! Cool Ranch Doritos! This is Utopia for a 9 year-old, especially a 9-year-old that came from a diet coke/crystal light kind of family. ] , and asked me why I had never mentioned this ad in over 500 blog here I am blogging about it.  Mr. Tiny. You're getting your wish!

  • What the hell is this? Why are you posing with delicious treats?
    • When I was younger and adorabler, [Tangent: If that is even a word. Spellcheck says no. I say YES!] I was the poster child for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I was a ham (act completely shocked) so I guess it was a good way to channel my obnoxiousness for a good cause. Who doesn't wanna donate money when they see a little buck toothed chatterbox in a hot pink wheelchair?!?!? Kroger was one of the big sponsors, so I was asked to be in one of their circulars.  I mean look at that shit-eating grin! I was stoked!
  • What are you wearing? 
    • What the hell? That is a sweet dress. Frankly, I think this look is one of my least embarrassing ensembles from that era. It was '92, ya'll...and I would still wear that dress happily today. I think my Grammy brought it back from a third world country, so I imagine I was the only one in my elementary school rocking this.
  •  Did you get to eat them? 
    • I think  I got to take home a bag of Hershey Kisses and I got an on-site Pudding Pop. Even typing the words "Pudding Pop" makes me want to inhale one now and I don't think they are still in production. [Tangent:In googling if they were still around, I learned there is a whole Facebook group devoted to bringing these creamy bastards back into production. A worthy cause.] Drag.
  • Speaking they still make Kudos? (or cookies n' cream Twix for that matter?)
    • This was quite the subject of debate. I LOVED KUDOS BARS so I of course was interested. Thank heavens my fellow blogger Aubrey works for the parent company of Kudos and informed me you could get Kudos by the 42 pack on Amazon . [Tangent: As for the Twix-I have no idea, but if someone knows, tell me in the comments. I have a drooly boyfriend who is quite interested in your findings!!]
  • Did you do more grocery spokes modeling? 
    • Umm...yeah about that. Because apparently my snaggly grin really boosted the sale of Combos, I did it the following year...only the selected products were not nearly as dreamy...

Yep. What every child wants to pose with: Pullups, baby wipes, Kleenex and lotion.  But look guys, I still look super jazzed?


  1. This is the best ever. For real.

  2. Everything about this post is pure perfection.

  3. Thanks, puddin pop!

  4. Someone who saw this was way disturbed with the lotion/tissue combo!

  5. you mean ME? hahah, yes that second tableau leaves something to be desired.
    i was always jealous of kids who got kudos in their lunch boxes. my parents would never buy them. or combos.

  6. Ha! It was you...I was too lazy to remember!!! Ha! Don't those speed sticks look super dated? I never realized how much deodorant packaging had evolved

  7. KUDOS to you for sharing the details on this! I so needed this!!! You are certainly adorabler than I ever was. I still need to share about the time my family shot a commercial for the Disney Channel when it first hit the cable scene. We shot it at Disneyland when I was 6-7. Unfortunately, I never saw the finished product; all I have is the outtakes (it is probably only funny to us). THANKS for including the diaper ad too - who needs Doritos when you can have Tavist-D?!!!!

  8. Yes!!! You need to write about that as soon as possible! I'm sure it's ridiculous! So glad you enjoyed the backstory. This is my "behind the music" moment :)

  9. I love it! After you were no longer doing these "Isles of Smiles" photo shoots, they must've been desperate because they actually asked me to do one too. I had just moved back here from Memphis and I was a VR Counselor on Hermitage Ave. The location was just a few blocks from my office in a warehouse. I must've been about 25 at least. I have absolutely no memory of what products I posed with or where the photos are now! Great memories, though! Thank you for reminding me!

  10. I don't know if any of the pictures survived the flood but I was the same age when I served as the Florida Easter Seals Poster Child. I cringe when I think about how dorky I looked. You are clearly adorabler than I was.


  11. This is kind of the best thing ever! I have a feeling I would have demanded all of those yummy treats while on set, haha!


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