Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cat-Eyes from Firmoo (and discounts for you)

This is not a newsflash: I LOVE GLASSES. I'm not always a big jewelry wearer, so this is my way of accessorizing. Getting a new glasses prescription is a mixed blessing, though. After opening up the possibility of ordering glasses online, I have amassed an unnecessary collection. I love them, they suit my different moods and I always get compliments on them, however, I can't see through them as well anymore so I have to buy some new ones. [Tangent: Somehow, according to my Costco eye doctor (who I recommend highly for a cheap, fast and stress-free exam) my eyesight is improving and I no longer have an astigmatism. Am I Benjamin Buttons'ing?] Goodbye old frame friends, hello new power shopping online. [Tangent: In case you are wondering what to do with old specs, I highly recommend donating them to the Lion's Club. Learn how here.]

Luckily, because I am an affiliate with Firmoo, they sent me a voucher deal so I could get some at a lower price. They are already freakishly affordable, and the turnaround time is speedy for impatient people like me. [Tangent: OK, right quick,  I have to do a mini PSA about affiliates and sponsorships and what-not. Why they work sometimes and why sometimes they are awkward and stupid. When I was income-less, I signed up to be an affiliate with a lot of different online companies out of sheer desperation. To be honest, it didn't wield much because most of the "links" I was offered were for discount lace-front wigs, adult diapers and E-cigs. True Story. After all that, I kinda decided it wasn't worth it because if it's not something I use or think is a good product, what do I care? I'm not hurting for blog fodder, and can find better things to write about. However,  when Firmoo asked me to work with them and offer special promotions to my readers, I was on board because I was already using their product and loving it! I realize I was an advertising major in college, but I am not here to blow smoke up your b-hole.]   

Here is what I love about this company: 
  • Affordability (most of the ones I looked at were under $40...that is with lenses)
  • You don't have to upload your RX (that's a personal thing. Other companies do it and I find it annoying, because if it is expired, even by a day, they ask that you get a new script.)
  • Quality (they are sturdy and even though they are cheap, they don't look it.)
  • Freebies (Each pair comes with a sturdy case, a soft case, a cleaning cloth and a small tool to tighten up loose arms)
  •  Lots of options
  • Very consumer/blogger friendly (most of their marketing is done with bloggers and social media and I admire that. Keeps the overhead low and prices down.)
Because my eyes are far apart, big and go slightly down at the corners, I have surmised a slight cat eye is the way to make me look less like a dim-witted fish while wearing spectacles. Cat-eyes also makes me feel like Joan Allen's character in Peggy Sue Got Married or Luanne in Shag...two great ancillary characters from 80's films based in the 50's. [Tangent: Frankly, I'm surprised I don't have a Netflix section for this sub-genre.] I'm very thankful Firmoo had a ton of frames to match these specifications.

I love a virtual try on feature, so I tried on A LOT of pairs, because why wouldn't I? This is my version of a fashion show montage [Tangent: I am a sucker for one of those! Any film worth it's salt has a try-on montage in front of a big set of mirrors where Girls Just Wanna Have Fun plays.].

After much consternation, I decided I needed 2 pairs. I settled on the second and third pairs (for now) although that collection is subject to grow soon [Tangent: Mostly because not that I look at the outcasts, I want them!].  In about a week I have worn them out a ton, and they don't give me headaches or leave weird marks on my nose. [Tangent: Although that could be attributed to the fact that my prior eye exam was all wrong.]  Here is the cavalcade of pictures of me looking really casual in my new know, as one does .

OK, so what is in it for you? Well, if you are thinking of buying with Firmoo, now is the time! They are celebrating their 5 year anniversary and are offering a unique discount code to blog readers. You can get 40% off your purchase (from now until Sept 10) with the code: FIRMOO5Y  (On a totally self-serving level, if you do decide to take advantage of this deal or make a Firmoo purchase in the future, use THIS LINK or the banner in my sidebar to buy through and I get a small percentage of the sale!)

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