Monday, September 22, 2014

Dancin' in The Dark with Strangers and the Avett Brothers at Americana Fest

My sinuses have been on strike lately, so it takes a lot to coax me out of my air purified bubble where Afrin flows like water and Sudafed is around every corner...the one thing that can get me out of my Hobbit hole is The Avett Brothers. [Tangent: Yep, this is gonna be another Avett post. Get over it!] Around this time every year Americana Fest is going down in Nashville celebrating everything about Americana and roots music (which I LOVE!), unfortunately it also happens the same week as Rhythm and Roots every year, when me and my honey go to his East Tennessee Home to see live music with his family.  This year because of baby watch 2014 [Tangent: My sister could drop that baby any moment...although I hope he will show his first sign of allegiance to his Aunt Kimmie and wait till Wednesday so I can get a day of work in and see Tom Petty!] I decided I needed to stay in middle Tennessee...and the announcement of the Avett Brothers headlining Americana Fest's on Nashville's riverfront show made this a no-brainer.

I know I am far from a fashion blogger, so feel free to judge me that I decided Americana Fest called for me dressing like a T-Swift Nashville cliche [Tangent: All that is missing is a boozy walk down Broadway and one of those deplorable pink cowboy hats with the attached tiara.]. At least I am owning this timeless look...besides, I don't get to wear my boots enough.

I hadn't been to a show on the Riverfront in FOREVER...I always plan on attending Live on The Green, but then remember I loathe parking downtown and crowds of people in their early 20s. Truthfully, I probably haven't been since seeing Better Than Ezra, clearly over 10 years ago, at the now defunct Dancin in the District or one of the many River Stages I attended in High School.[Tangent: Fun fact. Jamie and I both separately attended most of those and have since realized we were really close to each other at the Foo Fighters performance. Like ships in the night.] I did however remember that at most of these shows, there is is a handicapped section fenced off, because by nature, the riverfront hill is not the most wheelchair friendly. [Tangent: Or people friendly for that matter...we watched about 10 people fall down a hill. It was funny because no one got hurt...and I have an America's Funniest Home Videos concept of humor.] Here is a picture of me me in my own cute personal little petting zoo!
 This would have been great, but the fence was a little high, so the couple manual chair folks that came in couldn't see over at all...and that banner really wasn't helping [Tangent: We eventually pulled it down..because it was making it hard to see for some.]. I feel like if I didn't have an elevator on my wheelchair which raises me up to a height of about 5 feet, most shows would be a nightmare. After every tall person stood in my way, I eventually found my groove and found my window to the Avett Brothers and it was magnificent, as expected!

 They are hands down my favorite band to see live....which could explain why I have seen them 5x. So high energy and the always sound better in person. ALWAYS! After two hours, my voice hurt and my entire body was sore from dancing and stomping and clapping.  Of course, it wouldn't be a concert until I get awkwardly dance assaulted up on by a drunken (female) stranger....who wanted lots of interaction, high fives and hugs. It was a very You Go Girl situation  and kinda killed my buzz on Talk of Indolence, which is my jam! [Tangent: She blindsided/scared the shit out of me. One minute there was just me, Jamie and one other girl in my little concert quarantine, and next minute this new person is inches away from my face... dancing and kissing my hand. At one point, I heard her friend or loved one yelling, "what are you doing!?" and she yelled back "Dancing with my new friends!"....nope, missed the part where we were formally introduced. It was clear the other gal in the wheelchair next to me and I were trying our best to be polite, yet completely ignore her because THE AVETTS WERE ON STAGE! She wasn't getting it. She finally left by demanding a high five and telling me she loved me. Cool. I still didn't catch her name. Oh well, so much for friendship. There's one of these at every show. It's become annoying, but mostly really funny.]

Aside from that minor hiccup, the show didn't disappoint...I ran through the emotional rollercoaster. Tearing up and smiling as big as  the lady in the Black Hole Sun video. If all you know of the Avett Brothers is the more understated somber hits that have been on the radio lately...listen to this cover...unfortunately you won't have the pleasure of being danced on by a stranger. Too bad for you! [Tangent: I tried to embed the video, but Youtube is being difficult so this is gonna be a music post without music...anyway it's your favorite song from BeatleJuice...enjoy!]

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