Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Unauthorized Saved by The Bell Story...and a party to celebrate

Since apparently I am a magnet for controversy, I thought I would really hit it into hyperdrive:  DID YOU WATCH THE UNAUTHORIZED SAVED BY THE BELL MOVIE ON LIFETIME!??! Wasn't it awful?

I'm sure you have some idea by my frequent love letters to 90s popular culture, that I am a fan of my decade. It should be of no surprise that my viewing of the Lifetime (LOOSE) adaptation of Screech's book Behind the Bell quickly devolved into a theme party. [Tangent: It started out my friend Ryan just was coming to watch it with Jamie and I (because we knew we would be texting through the whole thing anyway). I then  just decided to have a few other of my trivia team members over who enjoy things like this (aka trainwreck spectacles of ridiculous). I am generally the worst hostess ever, so this was my attempt at being fun and themey.] I dug through my home for props including my father's old brick phone and my Kelly Kapowski Halloween costume from a couple years ago, which Ryan put on in the 85 degree weather with little hesitation. To go along with the burgers and fries menu, the day of,  I decided we needed red food baskets like at The Max. [Tangent: Thankfully this only took a couple stops to find. They were at Target on clearance from their summer BBQ stuff.] Unfortunately, Jamie had little time to learn magic tricks, so he opted to buy Tab, because for some reason, that is still readily available even though I haven't seen anyone in public drinking it since '92.

best picture of the evening!
 We also made a makeshift photo booth around an awkward Zack and Slater poster than Ryan had from an old "All About Saved by the Bell" book that he bought from a scholastic book order in middle school. That book seemed more informative and edgy than the garbage fire that was the lifetime movie. [Tangent: At one point Rae read a section aloud from the Screech section where he recounted women in the audience screaming "King Lord Stud" at him. I found that hilarious and doubtful, but it was the 90s. Who knows?]

I don't think you can see it, but Zack has an earring here. It's very strange.
I decided not to crop Travis out, because his reaction is so good.

I had out my Saved By the Bell board game, which we intended to play, but never got around to. Even though I adopted it from Goodwill about 2 years ago, I still have yet to make it through one round of that game [Tangent: Where the whole point it to get dates with both Zack and Slater by the end. Lofty goals, I realize!] .

OK, but really the whole point of having a handful of people over was to watch the Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Story. Due to my affection and nostalgia, I had REALLY high hopes for the movie, but it was not good. [Tangent: Unless you have a denim vest fetish or like constant exposition or hearing Kameo and Bel Biv Devo on a loop (because it was clear they had a hard time getting licensing rights to songs).] The casting was very strange, although I felt Lisa and Screech were pretty good facsimiles of their original counterparts. [Tangent: At one point on instagram, I took a picture of my screen during a famous pink fuzzy border dream sequence and the dude playing Screech commented. I audibly screamed and laughed for a good 5 minutes. It might have been the highlight of the night.] The Zack looked like C. Thomas Howell in the Outsiders to me [Tangent: "Ponyboy, Stay gold!"] but after someone I found on instagram made this comparison, I couldn't unsee it: 
Sincerely, I am glad that I watched it, but it kind of went nowehere...and took 2 hours to do so. I felt they had so much scandal to work with, but really the most shocking takeaway was learning that Zack Morris was 1/4 Indonesian. Sexy, right?  [Tangent: And that big reveal was at the very beginning, and probably common knowledge if I has looked on IMDB of Wikipedia.] Even though it was disappointing, it was a Lifetime by those standards, it was just a step below "Friends Till the End."


  1. I've told several people that it sucked and they said "what did you expect from a lifetime movies?" to which i reply I wanted it to suck in an entertaining way! and i'm still upset about the NO REVEALS! Except the Indonesian thing. And the more I look at the guy who they cast as Zack, the more baffled I am.

  2. I'm sorry that the movie didn't live up to our expectations of made-for-TV greatness but maybe with a few more viewings, it will become it's own kind of cult classic. I really need to see it for myself. Even if the movie was lame, your party looked incredible!!!

  3. Yeah I am on the edge of if it was bad/great or just bad/bad. I do have a soft spot for bad/great, but this wasn't quite campy enough!

  4. Yeah. It wasn't bad enough to be bad/good. They should have gone over the top campy with it. If they had, it could have been incredible.


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