Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tom Petty Redo

A little over 4 years ago, I got tickets to Tom Petty and was super stoked to go with my best friend. I had high hopes: checking another personal legend off my "to see live" list and potentially losing my voice screaming along with thousands of others, "Oh My My...oh hell yes! You got to put on that party dress." [Tangent: Tom Petty has always been present in my life...and I have never heard a song of his that I didn't like. My brother has a friend with the last name Petty, and for years I was convinced he was Tom's nephew...probably because my brother lied to me and told me he was. ]  What I didn't bargain on was missing the show. However, my excuse was was the great lung pop/body shortcircuited/Kimmie tried to die incident of 2010.

For the first few days of that debacle, I was on copious Michael Jackson drugs and out of it, but when I started to come to and realize what day it was, one of my first communications to my family after establishing what was going on healthwise, was to tell them to call Kristen and have her pick up my tickets at will call and go to the Tom Petty concert. [Tangent: In retrospect, the priorities seem a little fuckity...I mean I was on a ventilator and had a tube coming out of every hole in my body (and some places where holes weren't previously!), but I had spent good money on those tickets, and just because I couldn't go, didn't mean she had to miss it!] She went as instructedand told me all the time she felt super guilty about it. She wouldn't even tell me how it was...really until last night before we saw him again.

pardon the shadows and my greasy forehead
 Last night we got a re-do (4 years later) and Jamie got to come too. [Tangent: As many concerts as he has been to, he had never been to see a classic arena rock show and I felt glad to share that with him. He prefers smaller venues that cost under $15, but there is something to be said about the melting pot that is a show like this. The energy. The $45 concert tees. Women well past the "corsets in public" age doing so without apology. It has everything.]  
all my photos looked like garbage, so I borrowed from The Nashville Scene

It was fantastic and he played almost everything I wanted to hear! The encore closed with American Girl and the lights went red, white and blue and my endorphin levels shot through the roof of the Bridgestone Arena. So much happy. Tom Petty still has it and I still want to borrow his clothes and possibly marry him...but I will settle for being him when I grow up. [Tangent: Oh yea, Steve Winwood was there too...but we missed his entire set, so to make up for it...I watched this video when I got home.] It was definitely worth the wait.

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