Sunday, October 26, 2014

Kick Ass Costumes for Wheelchair Users

You guys! Halloween is less than t a week away and I am running out of ways to beat the dead horse that is writing about my favorite holiday. [Tangent: Not only have I written about it here, but I have two upcoming "spooky" posts coming out this week on Nerds and Nomsense. One of them is already posted here and you get to see me looking really unsavory. ] Hmmm, I had already written about women making tools of themselves dressing us like sexy lobsters. What's left? I was about to just scrap a blog, but then I noticed that my most read blog post was about costumes for people with a disability [Tangent: You can see it here if you are missing it staring you dead in the face on the right hand side of the page.], so I thought once again, I would scour the internet for genius ideas for folks who make shoddy ghosts, because well, bedsheets get caught up n their wheel spokes and become a safety hazard. [Tangent: Except for this kid who pretty much found the only loophole and nails it.]

[Tangent: To be fair, I don't think all these people in the post below necessarily have physical disabilities. The wheelchairs could very well be borrowed. However, I have never been one to get overly up in arms about appropriating a culture as a costume (if being in a wheelchair can even be considered a "culture"). If someone wants to be like the cool kids and be in a chair for a night, go about it!]

I apologize that I couldn't get photo credit for all these brilliant costumes, but if they are you, contact me and I will give your genius the kudos that it deserves. THEY ARE ALL SO WELL EXECUTED! Consider it only the highest of flattery, because only in my wildest daydreams do I wish I were as crafty.

I mean...look at this sweet little bluebird! I bet she was pulling those sticks out of the crevices of her chair for months, but it was totally worth it!

Although this isn't the route I'll venture down this year, I loved the folks that focused on a famous character with a disability. Dr. Strangelove and Lt. Dan are really good examples. [Tangent: The latter has been a costume possibility for me for many years. I have all the logistics worked out in my head.]

It's always impressive to see obstacles lead to ingenuity. Sometimes being mobile and walking around makes a costume impractical. Do these folks have that issue? NOPE! Score one for those that don't walk!

You may remember this lady as Pee Wee Herman from last year's post, but seriously her costume hits she shares on her blog are really impressive.

So, I gues the best way to end this parade of awesome is to do a "Who Wore it Best: Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad" edition. Random guy on the internet vs ME! [Tangent: Let's call a spade a spade...this was really just a gratuitous excuse for me to show off this costume again because I may never top it!]

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