Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monkey Shines is my New Favorite Film about an Evil Helper Monkey

As I mentioned in my last post, I am on and off helping Jamie reach his super crucial self-imposed goal of watching 31 horror films this month. Luckily, I love a scary movie so I don't mind. A lot of the movies he likes are not my cup of tea, so I let him watch the real terrible 70s low budge foreign ones on his own time. However, we recently found one on Netflix that perfectly blended all of my interests with his month-long goal....in a perfect little primate filled package called Monkey Shines.

There are not a whole lot of consistencies in my life...but these are steadfast truths in the tao of Kimmie. I like bad movies. I have always wanted a pet monkey. I am in a wheelchair [Tangent: Grab that slacked jaw. I know you're shocked!]. I steal my sister's have a Netflix account.  [Tangent: I know you all are probably real sick and tired of me blathering on and on about Netflix, but that place is a succubus....I swear most days I spend more time scrolling aimlessly through titles than I do actually watching anything on there. I like to cut to the chase, and let you know when there is something worthy of your eyeballs' time and attention.] Monkey Shines, which is conveniently streaming on Netflix,  perfectly covers all those bases as it is about a quadriplegic with an adorable (albeit genetically enhanced and possibly evil)  helper monkey. 

Within the first 3 minutes of the opening scene, you see the lady from Northern Exposure's butt and a man doing toe touches in the nude, so you're pretty much aware of the terribly fantastic vision quest ahead of you. Other things that await you are an unintentionally hilarious injury scene and some scenes where the guy from Mad About You (No, not Paul Reiser...other guy) is a bumbling monkey chemist...yeah that's a job. [Tangent: I know...Mad About You....Northern Exposure...it's like a cavalcade of shows aimed at people in their thirties that I watched in my preteens.] Oh and Stanley Tucci is in it...and he's not playing a flambouyant stereotype! 

I won't give anything away although my God...how I want to. I will just leave you with the trailer and urge you to listen to what the crew at  the podcast How Did This Get Made  deconstruct it later this week. My only regret I didn't see this movie earlier in life. Please watch it and tell me if it is not your new favorite character driven narrative involving characters in wheelchairs and deadly primates.

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