Monday, October 6, 2014

olllie g in da house!

Hey everyone...sorry it has been a smidge of radio silence over here, but I have been busy birthing babies. Wait, no...nothing came out of my nether regions...and no I didn't deliver a baby in an elevator shaft...but rather I was visiting my sister and her hubby who were having my new nephew Oliver James. I love him and the general consensus is that he is really cute. [Tangent: Everyone seems to think so...judging from this.]

Since all new babies kinda look the little puffy old people [Tangent: I mean adorable ones at that...but frankly, I think it will be a few months before I decide who he looks like.] ,  I thought I would show you the many faces of Ollie thusfar....and really showcase his extensive hat collection. I hope he is more of a hat person than his aunt Kimmie

I am surrounded by cute children, and hopefully I will not corrupt him too terribly! Now back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

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