Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rock the Vote

Hey guys...I have 3 half-written blogs on the docket, but can't seem to get my shizz together enough to hit that publish button. While, I am scrambling and chasing my tail, some people I know are carpe diem'ing and putting themselves in the running for really cool competitions...further drawing attention to the fact that I clearly am not.

You may remember the review and giveaway I did for The River Garden earlier this year. In case you missed and are too lazy to click on that link, it is an organic farm and product line helmed by my friend Garrett and his wife out of Sparta, TN.

A couple weeks ago, Garrett entered a competition from the National Disability institute for people living their American Dream. His entry is below.

I believe in his vision and I have known him since we were wee babes so of course, I want him to win. If you haven't already guessed, this is me pestering you all to vote for him. It takes two seconds. Just click the bottom right hand corner of the page on the link below- JOSEPH SUMNERS (fourth name down). See, I made it super easy for you.

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