Thursday, November 6, 2014

Another Free Glasses Giveaway from Firmoo!

A couple weeks ago, on a whim,  I decided to order these obnoxiously large, yet somehow perfectly me glasses in the mail from Firmoo.  

 [Tangent:  Aren't they awesome?  I told my sister that they remind me of Kelly Lynch, the female lead in Roadhouse. She's a fun party gal who is getting down with the Swayze, but then you know she's not dumb as a box of rocks because you see her in her lab coat with her standard 80s intelligent female glasses on. These suckers scream "all business" and I love them!] You are probably kind of tired of me singing this company's praises because I have written a couple reviews [Here and Here] of their product, but I am really a fan. [Tangent: Anyway, I am a really bad liar, so if I thought they were just meh, I wouldn't be writing this post.] Here is me wearing two pairs simultaneously to prove my obsession: 

To celebrate my joy with my new frames and because I love having Firmoo as a blog affiliate [Ahem...if you are in the market for new frames, click the affiliate banner on the right or HERE so they know I am responsible for turning you onto them!] , I'm giving away a pair of frames to one lucky blog reader from this exclusive selection of glasses for bloggers!  The free frames will cover a pair from this collection including 1.50 single vision lenses. You will pay the minimal shipping, which for me was about $9, but getting RX glasses for under $10 is a STEAL!

I have already narrowed in down to my favorites from my always growing Firmoo wish list, because, let's face it- even though I already have 4 specs from them, there will be future adoptions:
as I uploaded this photo, I almost considering keeping this free pair for me because those green ones are awesome!

All you have to do is enter below. If you already like me on Facebook, that's an automatic entry! This giveaway will run through November 18th, because that is my birthday and frankly, it's just an easy day for me to remember! Good luck!

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