Wednesday, November 12, 2014

'Damn the Man, Save the Empire': The Halloween Costume of my Middle School Dreams

How is it possible that it is the second week of November, and I have not yet bludgeoned you guys over the head with tales of my Halloween costume? [Tangent: I can hear your eyes rolling on the other corner of cyberspace because maybe you thought I was done blathering on about my favorite holiday. NOPE! I got one more bonus post in me! No apologies.]  You all know that possibly the greatest thing about being in a relationship is the fact that you have a built- in prop to your Halloween costume and someone to drag down into the depths of your seasonal depravity, right?  I am really lucky that Jamie is equally if not more into dressing up than I's just a matter on settling on a theme that we are both amenable to. [Tangent: I opted this year to not pick something to integrate my wheelchair, because I am saving that for next year.]

After shooting around a variety of ideas from Simon and Garfunkel to Rocket the raccoon and dancing baby Groot [Tangent: As much as my eyes lit up at the thought of dancing around like this all night, I just didn't have it in me to be covered in twigs! Drag, I know! Plus we a wedding to go to earlier the day of, so I needed something that we could easily throw on. Also,  building a pot around my wheelchair seemed slightly time consuming.], we decided to go with something we both know and respect wholeheartedly: 90's cinema...more specifically Empire Records.

It seemed on target that the two parties we were set to go to would appreciate it, even though my mom had no idea what the hell we were dressed as. [Tangent: I always hope people recognize a semi deep-cut costume, but I understand that is the risk you take. I'd rather delight 20% of a party than be ho-hum to everyone.]  I opted to go for Cory, Liv Tyler's speed-addicted overachiever, and it seemed obvious that Jamie needed to be my bronzed and satin- outfitted D-list crush, Rex Manning. [Tangent: Although I seriously contemplated Deb, post head shave...but a bald cap is a nightmare.]

photo credit: Chad McClarnon Photography

 I wish I had the wherewithal to say that I hunted thrift stores for the elements of my costume, but I got really lazy and bought everything on Poshmark. [Tangent: It's lazy thrifting from my cell phone.] I haggled on a few of the prices, but ended up getting combat boots, a blue sweater, a plaid mini and Jamie's purple satin shirt for about $40. [Tangent: That blouse he's wearing is a used ladies XXL Jaclyn Smith collection satin blouse, thank you very much! We also got all his turquoise jewelry at Joann's in the jewelry findings department. The most jarring thing was him shaving off his months worth of beard growth and coating his face in about 10 layers of my bronzer. The overall look was so creepy and has traumatized several of my friends. And no, we didn't shave his eyebrows, the heavy bronzer is just camoflaging his ginger eyebrows. ] After some googling, I realized I could download the name tag here then add a wig and a pill bottle and I was good to go!

I doubt I'll really wear any of it again, so I have relisted all the elements on Poshmark so that they don't just lurk in the back of my closet. Well, I guess I should say I relisted almost everything...I am hanging onto these combat boots, which I am pretty smitten with. [Tangent: I was never edgy in middle school/early high school when grunge was reaching it's pinnacle. (Evidenced here.)  I mean I wore flannel shirts, but they were from Limited decidedly not cutting hardcore. My mom would've never bought them for me during their hey day, so I sadly missed the boat on that trend. I guess what I am getting at is, "at 32, am I too old to wear combat boots?"]

Several people loved it, and on the other side of the coin, a lot of party-goers admitted that they had never seen Empire Records . BLASPHEMY! When they asked if they needed to see it...I couldn't decide if I could recommend it to someone today. What do you think?  Despite my love and commitment to memory of the film, I don't know if I saw it today, without the inherent nostalgic memories, if I would love it as much.

Overall Halloween this year was a great success, I love that I have know people that take the day as seriously as I do! I mean look at these urine specimen Kamikaze shooters my friend Kate made!!

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