Monday, November 24, 2014

Opening Night at Book of Mormon

As I get older (I turned 32 last week!), I find birthdays less and less exciting. No one is more disappointed in this inevitable turn of events than I am, because I love an excuse for ridiculous celebration. Each year, I kinda wish I had the energy to throw a party, but they stress me out more than they should. I am way to worried about everyone else having fun  than I am about having fun...and that's no way to celebrate your life's anniversary. Honestly, if I didn't have a metric shit ton of Facebook notifications that day, it might have flown completely under my radar. This year instead of being my birthday, I decided November 18th was just going to be Book of Mormon Day!

To say this is long awaited is a gross misrepresentation; I have been waiting for this show to make a stop in Nashville back when it was still in development to debut on Broadway! If you don't know anything about it, it's a very hysterical musical written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the South Park creators) and the music is co-written by one of the writers behind the songs in Frozen... Except these songs are a lot about AIDS, religion and female circumcision in Uganda and less about a Norweigian sister with a unattainable fishtail braid.  [Tangent: Let me take this opportunity to say I know and am fond of many Mormons, and they are kind of the nicest people on the if you're reading this and worship at the church of the latter day saints, I'm not judging your viewpoints...I feel like this musical could have just as well been a ridiculous satire of Catholicism (my upbringing) and I would have still laughed my ass off. Then again, I laugh hardest when things are terribly inappropriate, so I am just a terrible person...but in a equal opportunities way.] I was very excited that Jamie got us tickets on opening night (which as deemed by the heavens fell on my birthday) and that several of our friends were also going that evening. Even more exciting was that all the gentlemen in our party decided to dress like missionaries to get in the spirit!

Yes, my boyfriend owned a short sleeved white button down shirt...and it was from a photoshoot where he was in a cult that appeared on a band poster. Don't ask.

Jamie is very cooperative with me forcing him into awkward photo ops.
This little boy was kinda star struck by these posers and wanted a picture. Cutest thing ever!

It was all in good fun, but Travis [Tangent: Some of you may know him from Say it Ain't So as Rae's hubby.] was so convincing in his getup that someone from The Tennessean pulled him aside to interview him about the missionaries who attended the opening night to market. [Tangent: You can read it's reprint in the USA Today here. National news, baby!] Oh yes, I left that part out- the Mormon church in Nashville are pretty marketing savvy and used the controversial play kind of to their benefit. There were sisters and elders staked out handing out flyers and books at every entrance, and they even took out a three page ad in the playbill. Kinda genius, really. This one made me chuckle.

Elder Wayne Brady, no?
  The play was awesome and immediately when it was over, I wanted to go see it again. Book of Mormon Pandora is now alive and kicking on my phone a good majority of my day now.  My favorite part was that given we were seated in the disabled seating area, we were probably a good 30 years younger than most of our neighbors, which meant I overheard a lot of this:

I worried a lot of these folks, given that they were significantly older than the South Park demo, would be scandalized by the salty language and guest appearances by a dancing Hitler (during a dream sequence, of course), but they laughed harder at the F bombs than I did. I love theater!

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