Monday, December 8, 2014

Kimmie goes to Nashville (the show not the town...I live there)

hasty photoshopping strikes again...
 It would be a gross understatement to say that I take my TV watching pretty seriously,  [Tangent: I stayed home from preschool to watch Maria get married on Sesame Street. My mom clearly enabled my insane behavior from a young age.] so it's no surprise that I was really stoked last week to go visit the set of ABC's Nashville with my friend Nettie. She is the show's dialect coach and I was happy to celebrate the fictitious "take your friend to work day!"  [Tangent: I would gleefully allow her to accompany me to work to reciprocate, but she may not find supervising nonprofit social media posts in an office all day is as thrilling as I do.] 

look at this nerd wearing a headset like she's hot shit!
 I watch the show with the same fervency that I approach most things and it's due mostly to the fact that Nashville is taped in my favorite (home)town.  When she asked what day I would like to come by, I clearly picked a Deacon day, the holy grail. [Tangent: Probably because I knew if I met Connie Britton, I would make an ass of myself because I would try to touch her hair. It's so damned pretty. Life's not fair.] Not only do I think Deacon is the heart of the heart of the show, but I loved Charles Esten on The Office and Whose Line... so I figured that's what I should shoot for. [Tangent: I told Nettie they would likely think this was some sort of Make-A-Wish scenario, and to just go with it.]

Being that I am a hellacious nerd, I wanted to take pictures of me in the faux Bluebird set and maybe another in Juliette's white- on-white dream of a bathroom, but I showed an enormous amount of restraint in that area. [Tangent: So you will just have to use your imagination to see me sitting on a gorgeous toilet giving a thumbs up! That would be the inevitable photo-op, right?] Every last detail of every set was so impressive. The magnet and cards affixed to the fridge in "Gunnar's house" were from Five Points Pizza and there was an East Nashvillian laying on the kitchen table. DETAILS, ya'll!

But seriously it was cool...really really cool. We watched them film a few really good scenes and met a bunch of the cast and crew including Clare Bowen who plays Scarlett [Tangent: Swathed in layers and sweet as sugar. Seriously....the nicest little hippy pixie on the planet. Such a peach. I would have asked for a picture, but didn't want to be 'that girl.' ] and even the show's big dog creator Callie Khouri. [Tangent:I mean she has an Oscar for writing Thelma & Louise. Big Timin!  The whole time we spoke, I was like "why does she looks so familiar?!?!" It was driving me nuts, so after some googling, I realized I had just watched her a couple days before on a 90's retrospective mini series on the National Geographic channel. I hastily texted Nettie saying, "I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot." How did I not know I was meeting someone with a little gold man on her shelf?] We then partook in craft service goodness, and since it was Wednesday afternoon...I got to watch that night's episode with the cast and crew. Such a fun day, I made it known that if they were in need of a brassy dame in a wheelchair with zero musical talent and a somewhat pitchy grating speaking voice, then I was clearly their gal! It's curious that my phone isn't ringing nonstop!

Oh, and watch my friend Nettie's star-making turn as Raina's seamstress on Wednesday's winter finale episode! 

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