Monday, December 15, 2014

Update: I'm a Teench more Organized

Thanks guys for all your input on my blog about being an OCD individuals worst nightmare. I had several people say that I upset them and my "organization system" made them anything from dizzy to nauseated....and others said that I was a kindred spirit and made them feel less shameful in their general "not giving a shit." All this feedback made me happy, because I love a visceral reaction of an kind. If you can't make someone want to cry or vomit, you are doing something wrong. [Tangent: Do I have that right, probably not.]

I do, however, have an update- I have cleaned out my Gmail inbox and after wading through a whole lotta mess, [Tangent: I mean who has two thumbs and her Myspace account confirmation from 2005 (even though the Myspace page itself is long gone)? THIS GIRL! Also, it's probably a little late to redeem Borders rewards points, right?] I have widdled it down to a number that doesn't warrant an ellipses on my home screen. I'M IN THE TRIPLE DIGITS! Although this is probably not blog post worthy for most people, it is for with it.

Tiny victories, folks. That's what life's all about. Celebrate them all.

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