Friday, January 30, 2015

Good Vibes Award goes to...ME!

Today has been one of those days, I got SUPER EXCITING THRILLING NEWS this AM, which I will share soon [Tangent: No, I'm not engaged, pregnant or considering sex change that will narrow it down considerably for you.], and then I found out I was gonna be carless for about 5 days because my robot of a mini van likes to be intensely complicated and cost be hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I kinda went from this...

to this...

Thankfully, the deafening sound of money being siphoned from my bank account was suspended for a moment because I got a message from Adi, the lovely lady behind the blog Vegetarian Courtesy, saying that she had nominated me for a "Blogger with Good Vibes" award. [Tangent: Let's call a spade a spade. These things are like the blogger equivalent of a chain letter, but they are a fun prompt and a great way to recognize other blogs that you follow/support.] I very much enjoy her blog, and despite the fact that I started my morning with a sausage crunch wrap from Taco Bell, I am glad Adi doesn't judge me too hard on my enthusiastic carnivorousness.

The requirements of every winner is:
- Respond the 19 questions stated below.
- Nominate 10 other blogs...I did more...but oh well
- Advise them that they've been nominated.

19 questions that Vegetarian Courtesy asked me:

1. When did you begin blogging?
July, 4 2010...I had a massive head cold and was stuck inside and needed something to funnel my Robotussin infused delirium into

2. Why did you decide to start blogging?
At the time, I was working a job processing insurance providers. I wasn't particularly happy then and felt very stifled, I needed a creative outlet so I could say I was doing something I loved.

3. What does your blog teach us?
Most days, probably nothing. Sometimes people tell me they don't know anyone with a disability in real life, so my blog has given them a new perspective they never thought about on some things. So I guess that's something...even though it is unintentional.

4. Did it cost you some time to name the blog?
Kind of. I really like the word "pith" so I remember my original idea was "pith and vinegar" or "gettin pithy" but my sister informed me that when telling people the name, I might just sound lispy. In retrospect, it was good advice. I like that my blog title isn't trying to be just kinda states the obvious.

5. Is your blog design autodidact or contracted?
Autodidact! I guess I am way too much of a control freak to contract stuff out.. I am real weird with sponsored posts and I will only do them if they are something I love and they will give me something to share with you guys. 

6. How often do you publish a post?
I wish I had a definitive schedule. I really don't. I blog when I feel the need.

7. Do you have solid days where you publish or do you do it whenever you feel like doing it?
See above. Now that I write for work and do social media at work, sometimes it's a little more infrequent, but I think the quality is still there. I HOPE!

8. Do you share your publications on other social media sites so people can recognize you?

9. If so, what are the social media sites we can find you on?
Twitter: @kimmiejonesin (mostly for live tweeting awards shows etc)
Instagram: @kimmiejonesin
Facebook: /ThatGirlInTheWheelchair

1O. Do you have different sections of your blog?
Yes and No. I probably should organize it better. I have different tabs along the top and there are key words in the right hand column to give you an idea about some of my topic proclivities.

11. What would you recommend to us on your blog?
Ooooh. No idea. I think the posts I hear the most feedback on are my monthly Netflix documentary posts and my annual sexy Halloween costume posts. Maybe because they are my only real consistent features.

12. How much time from your day do you dedicate to blogging?
Depends on the day. I think about it even if I am not actively blogging, I am reading them.

13. Do you think you're capable of shelving the virtual life right now?
Nah. Blogging has quite literally changed my life. I think about it sometimes, but I like it too much.

14. What positive things has blogging brought to you?
It has introduced me to awesome new people and given me several exciting opportunities to write. It has given me confidence and acted as a kind of therapy and even allowed my boyfriend to get to know me online before we ever really knew each other well in real life.

15. And negatives?
I have no filter, and sometimes that bites me in the ass. People are not always too keen on what I have to say, but the majority of the time they respect my honesty. I also hate writer's block and seeing all my typos. I'm the worst proofreader ever.

16. What is the first thing you look for when visiting a new blog?
A point of view. When I read a blog, I like to know that there is a real person there and not just superficial stuff. I like blogs that aren't cookie cutter and that seem genuine.

17. Would you like the blogs that you visit daily since a long time ago become businesses?
Blogs are a great gateway to starting a business. A lot of the bloggers I follow are illustrators or designers and I enjoy seeing their work and getting to know them along the way.

18. Would you like your blog to be the way you win your life?
Um...not sure what that means. I hope I have bigger things to give humanity than this lil old blog, but I guess it's a good jumping off point.

19. Does it bother you to not receive any visits?
Not anymore. It used to drive me crazy when I worked really hard on something and it go no traffic, but I try not to pay too much attention to numbers anymore.

My nominees for the prize are:

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Librarian Tells All

Ok, this is an awkward's more Milouse gifs representing my inner feelings.

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