Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I've Been Keeping Secrets- HELLO GIGGLES!!

So you guys...I have been harboring a pretty big secret for the last few weeks...and unlike Harry Potter, I am not great with chambers of secrets. [Tangent: My boyfriend would be so proud of me making a Harry Potter reference...even tough I am positive it was WAY OFF!] After years of sucking up and submitting articles to Hello Giggles, I have gotten published on their site. Here is my first groundbreaking article about what the Men of Parks and Recreation would look like with the Tiger Beat Treatment! [Tangent: Groundbreaking journalism...I know, but I had a zany idea and ran with I hope it works.]

I'm really excited...probably moreso because the next time I publish with them I will be a regular contributor, and you won't have to flip to page 3 to see my byline! This is such a huge deal for me and I am so so so excited. Thanks to those of you I have told that have been excited and/or pretended to care.  This blog is my first love and you guys have been nothing but supportive as I stretch out to contribute to Nerds and Nomsense and now Hello Giggles. Will I run out of topics?!??!? AGHH!


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