Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This One Goes Out to the Ones I Love - A Giveaway and Valentine Roundup

Valentine's Day and the period prior to it has in the past inspired some of my favorite posts [Tangent: Like that time I wrote about my favorite pop culture valentines or  the oversized stuffed animal epidemic, the thing where people buy themselves valentine's gifts from their dogs or that creepy singing, dancing Valentine's Ke$ha monster. Seriously so much to write about!] Sincerely, this only brings attention to the fact that this February I am slacking hardcore, and for that I am sorry. Because of this I want to share some of my favorite spins on classic and frankly trite flowers/candy/card that really scream "mister lova lova!" from the rooftops. I also have a surprise Valentine for one of my followers! [Tangent: OK...I know it's a little late in the game, but people procrastinate right? And these things work for all occasions!]

Here are some things I am loving this time of year:
 Pop Culture on Paper from Meet Me in Shermer is probably my favorite card seller on Etsy [Tangent: And this coming from a girl who buys a lot of cards on etsy. Seriously I get absolutely no kickback from this, but I will probably at some point buy every card in her collection]. I found her store while searching for a birthday card for my honey and ended up buying in bulk. They come for all occasions so if you don't want a love card, but instead want a Weekend at Bernie's themed birthday card...they have that too...because who doesn't want that? 

The Bouqs So I am usually pretty anti-ordering flowers for delivery because well...most bouquets never really look like what you ordered and they jack of the prices to the high heavens...oh and I am cheap. However, after seeing The Bouqs on my Friday night institution Shark Tank, I have become a fan. In the last few months, I have ordered twice for people and every time I was impressed. They have a flat rate of $40 a bouquet and you don't have to go through any flower shop- They ship straight from the volcanoes they grow on in 3-4 days [Tangent: yes, you heard that right...volcanoes. I wish I understood horticulture and could explain that, but just the concept seems badass, so I am onboard.]. If you need them sooner, you choose from their California farm and it's a slightly higher price. [Tangent: Full disclosure, these are a sponsor and if you click on the banner to order them (or my links) I will get a kickback, but it's a company I stand by and did cheer on in the Shark Tank....so I believe in them.]

So now, since you have a card and flowers, if you are going for full on cliche- you need Candy...so why not get boozy homemade marshmallows from Wondermade!!??!  Dear god, these are so yummy and they even make these fancy dancy champagne flavored ones capped in actual gold dust. [Tangent: This is a much better way than Goldshlager to get the flavor of alcohol and gold simultaneously...though my 21-year-old former self might disagree!] If you don't want to go for that elite limited edition flavor, try one of the classics.  I have had several, and they are all delightful.

Oh and to REALLY make it up to you that I have been a horrible blogger...I have a giveaway: A Valentine from me made exclusively for V-Day by Nashville arbiter of the fun, cute and creepy:  Olivia Frankenstein [Tangent: Crystal, the lady behind the brand is BFF with my friend Rae.] . See, I'm buying your love!  Olivia Frankenstein is a business that sells things that have a loving nod to all things horror and vintage, and when she came out with this limited batch of valentine pouches, I couldn't decide on just one...so ONE of you will get the cute mini pouch (it could be used as a wallet or for jewelry) with a terrifying clown on it- ONE THAT LOVES PUNS!

I will also throw in some other fun surprises to make you feel loved if your significant other is crappy at gift giving...or so that you won't have to buy yourself a gift and pretend it's from your pet! It'll be a Belated happy Valentine's Day! THIS WILL BE A SHORT GIVEAWAY AND ENDS SATURDAY, FEB 14! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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