Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Netflix Documentary Hits and Misses Vol 9 (April 2015 Edition)

This month has been really busy. It has definitely been one high on entertainment consumption, but unfortunately low on documentary viewing. [Tangent: Except I did watch Going Clear, the Scientology documentary like the rest of premium cable-having Americans. That was some batshit stuff, right?] However, I have squeezed in some Netflix...because not unlike Jell-o, there's always room for Netflix.

Killer Legends- A
Jamie told me about this one about urban mythology from the makers of the film Cropsey, which I reviewed a while back[Tangent: He belongs to a Facebook group for the Last Podcast on the Left, which is a comedy podcast that deals with dark subject matter like cults and a lot of times, he gets hints on viewing material from the people on the message boards.]. Because I love Criminal Minds and this kind of stuff always intrigues me, I loved it. It tackled several familiar campfire  story tropes like killer clowns, the couple being attacked by a man with a hook on lover's lane, and the babysitter getting the call from inside the house, but possibly the most shocking to me was the poisoned Halloween candy. Being that I grew up being convinced strangers were spending all of October injecting rat poison into Kit-Kats, I was appalled to see the route of that myth. I won't spoil any of them, because if that's your cup of spooky tea, you need to check it out for yourself.

Love Me- A+
OH MY- I have so much to say about this one, and it will probably be the big winner from this batch (which is hard because this group was pretty top notch.) This film is about a group of men who have subscribed to a service to find a bride from Eastern Europe. After watching When Strangers Click and Mail Order Bride and every episode of TLC's 90 Day Fiance, one would think I had exhausted myself on the topic. [Tangent: For some odd reason, I have a lot of web traffic from that corner of the globe, so I'm glad I am finally catering to their interests.] The whole concept is extremely hard to wrap my practical mind around, mostly because I can't imagine entering quickly into a relationship with someone I only know based on appearances and that we have to communicate with through a translator. The men in the picture are characters unto themselves and you will feel bad for a couple of them who are clearly being bamboozled by women who just want money/green cards. It's not all negative, there are some success stories, but again, it is so outside my realm of imaginable scenarios, much like the Duggar family, that I tend to watch like it's a National Geographic expose. [Tangent: Also, weird feminist moment, why can't I mail order a groom from some sexy war-torn oppressed country!?! Maybe I can...perhaps I just never looked hard enough. Spoiler Alert: That is not how I met Jamie.] 

We Cause Scenes: The Rise of Improv Everywhere- B+
After watching a crap ton of documentaries, I have come to realize that I love a movie that chronicles from start to finish- the rise of a movement or a company [Tangent: Some of my favorites are Time Zero (about Polaroid) and Burt's Buzz (about Burt's Bees).] This one definitely filled that quota; it is about the man (and later group) that basically invented the flash mob concept. I feared it would be exhausting just watching pranks over again, but it was interesting to see that this whole movement was born out of boredom and a mind numbing job [Tangent: Because that's the long and the short of why I started blogging.] and in a pre-YouTube era. Everything they did was initially done without the expectations of "going viral", it was simply done as a fun story an elite group of random passersby could share at parties. I definitely enjoyed it more than I expected.

Paul Williams: Still Alive- B
One of the perks of being a documentarian is that you can base a whole film on living out a childhood dream. [Tangent: Seriously, I wish I had some film talent so I could pitch something that would give me an excuse to meet some random people like the casts of Kids Inc. or The Mickey Mouse Club circa 1990. ]  In this movie, the filmmaker remembers fondly one of his childhood heroes, songwriter and 70s TV staple, Paul Williams, and wonders what ever happened to him. He isn't even sure if he is alive. [Tangent: I was vaguely familiar with Williams because he has a definite and unrecognizable "look".  I knew he was a songwriter, but didn't know that he wrote The Rainbow Connection and Rainy Days and Mondays. I kind of thought he was more or less the Shadoe Stevens or the Paris Hilton of the 70s....famous for just kind of being around.] The film chronicles his meeting and coercing Paul Williams into letting him into his life...which isn't shocking considering his pitch was "I want to convince the world that you are still 'a thing'"  [Tangent: Can I get off topic for a minute? I am noticing a rampant epidemic among covers of Netflix documentaries- pictures that feature the subjects face  from the nose up on the bottom half of the cover. Seriously...expect an upcoming post about this!]

Unhung Hero- B+
I'm pretty sure Rae told me I needed to watch this a while back, but at the time my mind was still reeling from The Final Member and I didn't want to cram in too many penis-centric docs.  [Tangent: However, after watching this (finally!), I would almost recommend that you watch them as a double feature.] This one is slightly more graphic, but equally hilarious. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone who is easily disturbed or prudish- but the long and the short (pun intended) is that the narrator and film's subject was rejected by his prospective finacee [Tangent: This is the downside of proposing on a JumboTron!], because she said he was too small downstairs. Part of me wants to doubt that the story is 100% true (because the subject is an actor and parts of it play out a little ridiculous!), but regardless I think it's an interesting take on the subject. You hear about women and their body insecurities all the times, it's about time the script gets flipped and examined through different cultural lenses. Also, you get to see an Asian man lift heavy weights with his junk...that's something right.

To Be Takei- A
This one has been on the docket since it debuted, and I'm mad that I didn't watch it sooner. [Tangent: I mumble a lot so whenever I suggested it to my boyfriend, he always thought I was saying something about "BTK."] Because I am a human on the internet, I of course am familiar with George Takei being his super funny Facebook posts, but I didn't know a lot else other than that he is gay, Asian and on Star Trek. Sometimes, I don't love when a autobiographical doc tackles too many things, but I loved that this one covered his whole life because it made me basically fall in love with George and his fascinating life in a Japanese American Internment camp and then later breaking down all sorts of barriers as both advocate for Asian Americans and gay Americans. Also, I love his relationship with his husband...they are adorable, and I want to go to NYC to see his musical based on Japanese internment. I'm sure this won't help the issue of convincing my Netflix algorhythm that I am not a middle-aged gay male, but it was TOTALLY worth it!

What They Left Behind-C-
The subject matter of this one- young people and gun violence- is definitely a heavy yet important one, and I watched it because it was 30 minutes and I needed something short. I daresay that was my biggest criticism- that it was far too short to tackle such a broad issue. It followed a handful of  people who lost loved ones due to gun violence and concluded with a family who lost a child at Sandy Hook. [Tangent: It was very upsetting and heavy, but due to it's length and amount tried to cram in reminded me of From One Second to The Next (a movie I covered in December about texting while driving). It came off a little like a film strip (using that term really dated me) or a movie you might show in a STARS program, and less like a fully formed film.] I know that makes me seem like a heartless asshole, because these children's stories NEED to be told- I just kept wanting to see more and not just 9 minutes with each family. I would probably give an A to the unabridged version.

Atari: Game Over- A
Although my family owned an Atari when I was wee and I grew up loving video games, I had never heard about the crazy mythology that surrounds the alledged "Worst Game Ever"- ET for the Atari gaming system. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy even if you, like me, had no idea about the urban legend that Atari was so ashamed of that game that they buried all copies of it in a desert landfill, and it bankrupted the company. I have a secret love for corporate histories, so I enjoyed the story about how this random ragtag group of programmers became the brains behind Atari [Tangent: Spoiler alert: They were pretty much like the rock stars of video games. Drugs and women for days!] and I won't spoil it by telling you whether or not they found anything in the desert, but the movie is extremely riveting. That really isn't easy to make watching men dig through garbage compelling...but it is. Also, for all your non-gramer nerds, you will get to see cameos by George R.R Martin and a Delorean.

Have you seen any of these? 
What should I watch in May?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What I Saw at Wild West Comedy Fest 2015

Dear sweet sugar-coated lord. Last week was Wild West Comedy Fest and thus exhausting and fantastic. [Tangent: I am seriously still recovering and thus spending this rare gorgeous day being a lazy shut-in.] This is the second year for the week of comedy shows that brings big names and comedy events to Nashville. [Tangent: Last year we went to a live taping of @Midnight and went to a Q&A with Vince Vaughn and The Lonely Island. You can read about that here.] When the tickets went on-sale in December for the various events, I think we got a little carried away, but there was SO MUCH to choose from that I had a hard time cutting myself off.  In fact, after going to 3 different shows this year, I still regret missing Joel McHale, but it wasn't in the budget.

OK. So here is what I did see.

1. Benson Interruption

Because I love Doug Benson live [Tangent: Seriously, his stand up doesn't even do his humor justice, his quick wit and improvisation is unmatched.] and cheesy cinema, I naturally was onboard to see The Benson Interruption of Footloose at The Belcourt. Although I am a huge fan of his Doug Loves Movies podcast, I have never listened to one of these before, so it was all new and exciting! Basically it is Doug and some comedic guests making fun of a movie live as an audience watches it along with them. [Tangent: It is kind of like Mystery Science Theater, but unlike that series- it is 100% made up on the I like it even better because the comics are mostly just trying to make each other laugh.] The guests for this were Ralphie May, Rorey Scovall and Nate Bargatze. They all cracked me up and I will probably never watch Footloose the same again.

2. Kevin Smith Q&A
Like most people my age, I spent a lot of time in high school and college watching Kevin Smith movies and Mallrats is one of Jamie's favorite films, so this was an obvious choice of something we needed to go see. It was back-to-back with a live taping of his podcast with Jason Mewes [Tangent: The Jay to his Silent Bob.] so although we didn't go see that taping, while waiting to get in, we actually got to talk to his cohort for a few minutes. [Tangent: Mewes cracked me up because he was wearing a very enviable floral headband and a man-bun! I loved his look. After signing something for Jamie, I asked him to defile it with something dirty or maybe some genitalia, to which he just started saying "so you want me to draw a wiener?!" He then used the word "wiener no less than 10 times in two minutes.  I loved that one of the allegedly filthy actors was using the term wiener. It made me happy. ] The Q&A was pretty cool and it was interesting to hear about the up and coming Mallrats 2 and some back story about the making of some of his movies, but Smith is hella long-winded and the show didn't let out til 1 AM! I don't think my inner grandmother had adequately prepared for this, but luckily Smith was the nicest person in the world and came outside afterward to meet and say hi to everyone.

3. John Mulaney and Nick Kroll

Although I have not seen a lot of their stand up (aside from some short appearances), I have loved Mulaney's writing on SNL and I love Nick Kroll whenever he is on ANYTHING [Tangent: Seriously...he could do absolutely anything and I would crack up] ! I have recently also started watching Kroll Show and feel as if the Wheels, Ontario skit really speaks to me.  Anyway, our seats for this were incredible thanks to the random favor that occurs from the handicapped seats at the Ryman.  I laughed non-stop throughout the entire thing, especially when they broke their strides to interact with/heckle audience members for being late so they could get chicken fingers or for leaving to go to the bathroom. After a costume change, they also finished both of their sets with an encore where they reprised their famous roles as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland aka the "Too Much Tuna guys." Although, I love Kroll Show, this has never been my favorite skit- but their improvisation was amazing and now I will watch it with fresh eyes!  Also, as we were leaving we overheard the girls walking behind us say that Amy Poehler had been sitting likely really close to us, because she was there to see her boo, Nick Kroll!!! HOW DID WE MISS THAT!?!??! [Tangent: here is Jamie's mapping out of the situation after the fact.]

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Elbow is Famous Now

A few months ago I tagged along with Jamie to go see Justin Townes Earle play an in-store at Grimey's. As is the case with most musical performances with no assigned seating, I will generally get there early or throw down the wheelchair card to get to the front, so I am not nostril to butt hole for the entirety of a performance. For JTE, we got insanely lucky as we had for some prior shows, and got up front.

Cut to today, while I was in bed comfortably at my house enjoying a lazy Saturday, Jamie was out and waiting in line like a crazy person since 1 AM for record store day releases [Tangent: He is not satisfied unless he is one of the first 5 people there. I told him that one year maybe I will go with him, but I doubt that will happen. Couples need separate interests, right?  I like music and all, but I am also aging in dog years, so therefore am refuse to be vertical at that hour.] Anyway, upon getting home and dumping out his spoils like a child with his Halloween candy, Jamie discovered a familiar body part gracing the back cover of the Justin Townes Earle Record Store Day exclusive Live at Grimey's release...and he promptly texted me this photo:

Yep- that's my elbow on the back cover. My weird bony elbow is least to the people who now own this limited release album....and the percentage among those who can even identify that as a human elbow. [Tangent: At that height level and the awkward angle, it's kinda like a magic eye- you're not sure what exactly you are looking at. However anyone that knows me in real life knows can identify my contorted alien body parts from a mile a way. ] My elbow is now exponentially cooler than I am, and won't be taking any of your calls; I however will continue watching some documentary about Paul Williams on Netflix.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kimmie and Kimmy in the same room together- The Unbreakable Ellie Kemper

 Over the weekend, my friend sent me a screen cap of a story saying that Ellie Kemper was going to be doing a speaking engagement at Vanderbilt for students, but that it was open to the public. [Tangent: They do these every once in a while, but I never find out about them until I see a picture of Billy Joel or LaVerne Cox in my instagram feed and see it geotagged at Vanderbilt the morning after they occur. Never am I in the know on these matters and I am always pissed about missing out.] Because I am a Vanderbilt employee now, I knew that I could use this to my advantage and get free tickets, only being employed by a prestigious university doesn't necessarily mean that I could figure out how exactly to go about that. Frankly, I couldn't even read the map well enough to find the student center, so I bit the bullet and paid the $10 on the phone with Ticketmaster the night before the event.  I am a failure, and clearly cannot compete with these spry 19-year-olds who have mastered the free ticket garnering process.

Anyway, because the only event information I had was limited to a couple paragraphs on a screencap, I was kind of in the dark about what exactly we were going to [Tangent: For all I knew it could be one of those weird Eyes Wide Shut parties...luckily it wasn't. That I couldn't write about.]. I just heard Ellie Kemper was going to be there, and I think she is adorable and charming, and I indirectly owe my first paid piece for Hello Giggles to her, so I had to be in that auditorium...wearing hot pink "former mole woman chic".

After the introduction, I learned it was more or less a loose conversation and Q&A.  Within the first few minutes, Kemper revealed she has never done a speaking engagement before so this was going to get interesting! I have watched Ellie Kemper in lots of things, from Bridesmaids to The Office and she is generally typecast as naive and dare-I-say ditzy, but although she was a goofball to the core, she is a smart cookie. She went to Princeton and Oxford, yet is somehow the most unpretentious completely charming ginger on the planet [Tangent: And we all know charming gingers are my savant category.] Here is what I took away from the hour-long presentation, which will probably make her all the more loveable to you.
  • Ellie Kemper just got new bangs. She is unsure about them and her mom thinks they make her look like a Vulcan.
  • Ellie Kemper has a problem where she wets her pants when she laughs too hard. She peed on the lap of Titus Burgess on one of their fist days of shooting on Kimmy Schmidt. 
  • Ellie Kemper  loves to sing and her go-to Jams are Beyonce and Richard Marx [Tangent: It was interesting to hear the incredulous "huhs" when Richard Marx was mentioned in a room full of college students. I felt about 90-years-old at that moment as I internally sang the opening to "Right Here Waiting".]
  • Ellie Kemper grew up obsessed with Ferris Bueller, Seinfeld and My-So-Called Life.
  • Ellie Kemper addressed the accusations of racism that surfaced after the Netflix release of her show, and she did it flawlessly, explaining that much of comedy is based in social commentary and that the show's tight writing walks the fine line of addressing race, but not in a negative way...they poke fun at stereotype, but don't reinforce negative ones. It's better to address things instead of pretending they don't exist. 
  • Although she went to prestigious universites, Ellie Kemper said multiple times academics don't matter and that sometimes an extracurricular passion can steer your course. [Tangent: Of course me and my two fellow 30+ seat fillers "woo'ed" at that snetiment, but it surely stuck a dagger in the heart of the Vandy kids. Their tuition isn't cheap!]
 By the end of the hour, we loved her all the more and are excited for the many bucket list items she expressed interest in: writing a book, being on Broadway,  being a guest in the Bravo clubhouse on Watch What Happens Live and continuing to do comedy; she didn't seem to think a dramatic turn was in the cards for her. I will also commend her on being super polite when almost every student at the mic to ask her a question invited her to a rando podcast taping or webcast or improv team practice. [Tangent: I'm shocked she didn't want to hang in someone's dorm room on her only night in Nashville. I guess it was worth a shot, though]

Overall I'm glad I went and it really set the tone for the next few days. this week I have Wild West Comedy Fest to look forward to, which means going out on nearly every weeknight. After that I can return to being an old lady, staying in to watch Shark Tank and eating Paul Newman frozen meals out of a bag.

Monday, April 13, 2015

SPRING CLEANING! Thredup vs Poshmark: resale reviewed (honestly!)

I have a bit of a problem: I hoard clothes and buy compulsively. Because it's a pain in the b-hole to try on clothes for a gal who sits down 100% of the time, I often don't so my closet is chocked full of outfits that don't fit quite right or that for whatever reason don't get worn. [Tangent: This could be for reasons as arbitrary as it's mildly itchy...or reasons as serious as there's no way in hell it would button.] Because I don't spend a lot and buy a great majority of my clothes secondhand, sometimes I get carried away and will immediately purchase a cardigan just because it is my size and $2, never mind that I own literally 37 cardigans [Tangent: Yikes...maybe more. That was last count. This is not bragging, this is just a step below a cry for help.] . I am really trying to get better about this and in the spirit of spring cleaning have unloaded a lot of my stuff recently through a variety of channels. In addition to the garbage bags of goods I donated to charity, I also continued selling some things on Poshmark and sent off a bag to Thredup. I have some strong opinions about both of these app/sites so of course, I feel the need to share them.

These reviews are 100% honest and completely unique to me, I in no way get any kind of kickback from these sites, unless of course you use my codes to sign up for it, which you totally should because you get free stuff out of it too! 

For about 2 years, I have been selling on this PoshMark. Although it takes a bit of work and time to gain traction and followers, I have found it to be fairly lucrative if you have a lot of patience and are willing to work it like a social network and share other people's clothes, etc.

Selling: Over the two years, I have made probably $500 (but not all at once...super spread out) and have probably spent a lot of my earnings shopping in other people's closets. [Tangent: I only get frustrated because due to the "offer" feature  people try to low ball you on a fairly constant basis or they will ask you to hold an item for you indefinitely because they are awaiting a paycheck or something. From experience, that person rarely comes through so all hopes are dashed for a sale.] I do like that because you set the prices, you can haggle and bundle and put the items on sale whenever you get an itch in your britch to do so.

The great thing is that you get to keep 80% of your sale and don't have to pay shipping on your item (because it's included in that 20% taken out of the total.). When your item sells, they email you a packing slip to print off and it's pretty easy!

Buying: I love the idea of resale and haggling and most of my purchasing experience has been really positive. For example, I have a love of Tom's ballet flats, but refuse to pay $70 for a pair, and on this site I have gotten insanely lucky and gotten 2 pairs for about $25-30 a pair. I also have bought some J.Crew sweaters for which I would never pay full price for about $15. Honestly, some of my favorite items of clothing I own were ones I got for next to nothing on here. 

 Also, Poshmark keeps you updated via email when your item is shipped and after that it generally gets to you in about 2 days because all shipping is priority. I love speedy!

Bonus: Wanna try it yourself- we can both get a $5 credit if you use the code HGENX upon download!

I turned to Thredup mostly because I had some things I was having trouble moving on Poshmark and additionally Thredup buys/sells kids clothes and a great deal of my clothes are an XL in little girls and are in immaculate condition. [Tangent: What? They are cheaper and usually come in more festive colors/prints. It is one of the perks of having the upper body build of a pre-pubescent girl. Being as flat as a pancake gives me the right to have a sundress covered in elephants, OK!?]

Selling: The whole process is super easy. You request a mailingbag on their website. In a couple days a huge mailing envelope arrives at your door [Tangent: I cannot stress to you how monstrous this sucker is. You can fit so much in there!]. You shove all you can into the pouch and free of charge ship it back to them. Think of it as a Plato's Closet or Planet Exchange for lazy people who don't want to face the garment rejection in person. [Tangent: IT IS THE WORST! Getting that look of "We don't want your stuff" in person is getting picked last for dodgeball level demoralizing.]

A few months ago, I stuffed one of their polka-dotted complimentary mailers to the gills. Since I had previously given all the junky clothes to Goodwill, what I sent them was mostly name brand and in good condition. [Tangent: With the good stuff,  I threw in a few random items just to get them out of my closet, even though I knew they weren't the greatest. It saved me another trip to the Goodwill donation center, and I know they give their excess to charity anyway.]  I was in clean out mode (and am cheap) so I opted not pay the fee to have the garments shipped back to me that were not bought, but if you are really attached to some of your items- you can opt in to that for around a $12 fee.

 I figured there was no way they would turn their nose up at the boutique dress, never worn dress shoes, and the BCBG silk blouse that were in the bag, but they did...and what they bought was really strange. Out of about 35 items sent, they bought 5 and none of the good stuff. They bought an Old Navy dress, 2 Mossimo t-shirts that were purchased off a Target clearance rack and a pair of fake Toms that I bought at Five Below but never wore. [Tangent: Yes, they bought a pair of shoes that retailed for $5 originally.]

 Although, I was a little weirded out by their random purchases, I figured the whole thing was a crap shoot in the first place and getting $5 was well worth getting my closet cleaned out. My sister also tried Thredup and did slightly better than I, but was also surprised of the things they decided to buy in lieu of what they passed over. [Tangent: In fact she was the one that told me to toss in those shoes from Five Below because she had sold hers months earlier.]

Buying: Haven't tried it yet, but I like how the items are displayed on the app/site. I feel like the photos are well done and seem pretty true. My only hangup is that I think they overvalue some of their items. The "Solemates" shoes they bought were those $5 fake Toms and I think the "original value" they placed on them was $38. False.

Because I like buying secondhand, I'm sure I'll give in at some point. This $4.55 is burning a hole in my account. 

Bonus: If you would like to register for free on Thredup- do so via this link and we both get $10 spending credit on the site. Since that is double what I got for my giant bag of clothes, I highly recommend you doing it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Say No More, Mon Amour- Here are some products to help you celebrate Empire Records' 20th Birthday

So even though it has no official recognition by the Hallmark Corporation (yet!), April 8th according to well…the Internet is Rex Manning Day- a day to celebrate the nostalgic glory that is Empire Records.  Although this movie about some teens in a flailing record store is critically panned, viewers seem to revel in it’s 90’s amazingness [Tangent: On Rotten Tomatoes, it is an anomaly by having a critical rating of only 24% fresh, while having the diametrically opposite audience rating of 84%.] 

Making this Rex Manning Day even more thrilling is that it is also the 20th anniversary of the film. [Tangent: How ancient does that make you feel? I felt like I was a mature individual when I saw it, but clearly that's a delusion. Mathmaticly speaking, I was 12.]  Because I definitely into the category of ardent fan (evidenced by my Halloween costume this year.), this April 8th, I plan to celebrate in some way shape or form, which because I am still trying to kick this cold funk will probably include not leaving the couch [Tangent: Which is pretty apropo really. I mean Lucas couldn't leave the couch either, right?]

There are some festive ways to add a little of Empire Records into your day without embezzling, robbery, or on the clock seances. That kind of behavior I don’t endorse, not on Rex Manning Day...but these things I do...and now I totally want them all! 

Damn the Man Embroidery Sampler via Stitchin In Richmond on Etsy

This Phone Case you Can use After April 8 via Hello Sailor Tees for Redbubble

 This Minimalist Print which is amazing via Fictional Chick for Society6

 This Sexy Rexy Card via Meet Me in Shermer on Etsy

This Tao of Lucas pillow via Emily Farquhausen for Redbubble
This hilariously glorious shirt via Erin Maala for Society6 

This sweet tote via Rainbow Alternative via Etsy
(who have a TON of good Empire Records merch)

This print that I need in my life via Finlay McNevin for Society6

The Best Way to Enjoy your morning via IBTrav for Society6 

So I bet you thought there was very little merch out there for a movie that got shitty ratings and was released 20 years ago...well you would be WRONG. I dare you not to fall down the indie designed wormhole....what a great way to spend your Rex Manning Day

Sunday, April 5, 2015

DJ Tanner got us falling in love again.

I know two Full House related blogs seems like a little overkill, but I apparently lack diversity so here goes. [Tangent: Also, I should take this opportunity to make this blog a mea culpa. Apparently as my friend Ryan pointed out, the Beach Boys were not in Hawaii on potato chip island with the Tanners at the luau. They were invited on stage for some inexplicable reason, but it was to sing Elvis songs...not Beach Boys songs. My bad. Is it nerdier to be the one to make this reference in the first place, or point out that I was off. You decide. That's what I get for surrounding myself with people as die hard pop culture wise as I am.] Last week I was barraged all day on Facebook and via text message with the news that Netflix is doing a limited run Full House spin-off featuring Kimmy and DJ [Tangent: Proving my friends know my wheelhouse and the Netflix programmers have been reading my dream journal!] This is exciting for a lot of reasons...among which is that millenials will get why this shirt is funny.


Initially I was really excited and my mind reeled with Kimmy and DJ's crazy exploits and I got thrilled that I may get to see if Steve was still in the picture [Tangent: I mean not only was he DJ's hot boyfriend but he was also the voice of Aladdin, who I still will affirm is the sexiest animated character. A monkey and a fez. Prince Eric can't compete.]  Then I started to remember Candace Cameron Bure is indeed a Cameron and thus that breed of religious where it skews a little "much,"so there is always the very real possibility that this show can fall into the TBN wormhole. I mean her brother made Saving Christmas, a movie which has achieved the impossible: having a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. I am hoping this is just my skepticism. I mean the Tanners are squeaky clean by nature, so I guess my hopes that she will go rogue are all for naught. 

My other worry is that it will come and I won't care, even though expectations are that I will. Pre-teen Kimmie loved Full House and pretty much planned her very non-busy 12 -year-old schedule around the series, but let's face it- 32-year-old Kimmie is 100% cognizant of the fact that the show is scmaltzy as hell. My pure and true love for it is very much laced to the memories associated with watching it at slumber parties and wanting to have bad ass friend named Gia and wanting to have Tommy Page [Tangent: Who I can't recall how, but was somehow associated with NKOTB, so when he made a cameo, my young head exploded.] come to my birthday party and write a song about me. [Tangent: Let's face it, I was always more of a Stephanie than a DJ anyway.]  It's a nostalgic love and I don't know if I want to unfreeze it from our moment in time.

Wait...who am I kidding?!?! We all know that I will watch it. I gotta see who ended up with Gibbler [Tangent: Note to writers: Please tell me she rekindles her young love with Bitterman.] and chances are good that a Stamos cameo is on the horizon. Don't let me down.
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