Sunday, April 5, 2015

DJ Tanner got us falling in love again.

I know two Full House related blogs seems like a little overkill, but I apparently lack diversity so here goes. [Tangent: Also, I should take this opportunity to make this blog a mea culpa. Apparently as my friend Ryan pointed out, the Beach Boys were not in Hawaii on potato chip island with the Tanners at the luau. They were invited on stage for some inexplicable reason, but it was to sing Elvis songs...not Beach Boys songs. My bad. Is it nerdier to be the one to make this reference in the first place, or point out that I was off. You decide. That's what I get for surrounding myself with people as die hard pop culture wise as I am.] Last week I was barraged all day on Facebook and via text message with the news that Netflix is doing a limited run Full House spin-off featuring Kimmy and DJ [Tangent: Proving my friends know my wheelhouse and the Netflix programmers have been reading my dream journal!] This is exciting for a lot of reasons...among which is that millenials will get why this shirt is funny.


Initially I was really excited and my mind reeled with Kimmy and DJ's crazy exploits and I got thrilled that I may get to see if Steve was still in the picture [Tangent: I mean not only was he DJ's hot boyfriend but he was also the voice of Aladdin, who I still will affirm is the sexiest animated character. A monkey and a fez. Prince Eric can't compete.]  Then I started to remember Candace Cameron Bure is indeed a Cameron and thus that breed of religious where it skews a little "much,"so there is always the very real possibility that this show can fall into the TBN wormhole. I mean her brother made Saving Christmas, a movie which has achieved the impossible: having a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. I am hoping this is just my skepticism. I mean the Tanners are squeaky clean by nature, so I guess my hopes that she will go rogue are all for naught. 

My other worry is that it will come and I won't care, even though expectations are that I will. Pre-teen Kimmie loved Full House and pretty much planned her very non-busy 12 -year-old schedule around the series, but let's face it- 32-year-old Kimmie is 100% cognizant of the fact that the show is scmaltzy as hell. My pure and true love for it is very much laced to the memories associated with watching it at slumber parties and wanting to have bad ass friend named Gia and wanting to have Tommy Page [Tangent: Who I can't recall how, but was somehow associated with NKOTB, so when he made a cameo, my young head exploded.] come to my birthday party and write a song about me. [Tangent: Let's face it, I was always more of a Stephanie than a DJ anyway.]  It's a nostalgic love and I don't know if I want to unfreeze it from our moment in time.

Wait...who am I kidding?!?! We all know that I will watch it. I gotta see who ended up with Gibbler [Tangent: Note to writers: Please tell me she rekindles her young love with Bitterman.] and chances are good that a Stamos cameo is on the horizon. Don't let me down.

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