Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Elbow is Famous Now

A few months ago I tagged along with Jamie to go see Justin Townes Earle play an in-store at Grimey's. As is the case with most musical performances with no assigned seating, I will generally get there early or throw down the wheelchair card to get to the front, so I am not nostril to butt hole for the entirety of a performance. For JTE, we got insanely lucky as we had for some prior shows, and got up front.

Cut to today, while I was in bed comfortably at my house enjoying a lazy Saturday, Jamie was out and waiting in line like a crazy person since 1 AM for record store day releases [Tangent: He is not satisfied unless he is one of the first 5 people there. I told him that one year maybe I will go with him, but I doubt that will happen. Couples need separate interests, right?  I like music and all, but I am also aging in dog years, so therefore am refuse to be vertical at that hour.] Anyway, upon getting home and dumping out his spoils like a child with his Halloween candy, Jamie discovered a familiar body part gracing the back cover of the Justin Townes Earle Record Store Day exclusive Live at Grimey's release...and he promptly texted me this photo:

Yep- that's my elbow on the back cover. My weird bony elbow is least to the people who now own this limited release album....and the percentage among those who can even identify that as a human elbow. [Tangent: At that height level and the awkward angle, it's kinda like a magic eye- you're not sure what exactly you are looking at. However anyone that knows me in real life knows can identify my contorted alien body parts from a mile a way. ] My elbow is now exponentially cooler than I am, and won't be taking any of your calls; I however will continue watching some documentary about Paul Williams on Netflix.

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