Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Say No More, Mon Amour- Here are some products to help you celebrate Empire Records' 20th Birthday

So even though it has no official recognition by the Hallmark Corporation (yet!), April 8th according to well…the Internet is Rex Manning Day- a day to celebrate the nostalgic glory that is Empire Records.  Although this movie about some teens in a flailing record store is critically panned, viewers seem to revel in it’s 90’s amazingness [Tangent: On Rotten Tomatoes, it is an anomaly by having a critical rating of only 24% fresh, while having the diametrically opposite audience rating of 84%.] 

Making this Rex Manning Day even more thrilling is that it is also the 20th anniversary of the film. [Tangent: How ancient does that make you feel? I felt like I was a mature individual when I saw it, but clearly that's a delusion. Mathmaticly speaking, I was 12.]  Because I definitely into the category of ardent fan (evidenced by my Halloween costume this year.), this April 8th, I plan to celebrate in some way shape or form, which because I am still trying to kick this cold funk will probably include not leaving the couch [Tangent: Which is pretty apropo really. I mean Lucas couldn't leave the couch either, right?]

There are some festive ways to add a little of Empire Records into your day without embezzling, robbery, or on the clock seances. That kind of behavior I don’t endorse, not on Rex Manning Day...but these things I do...and now I totally want them all! 

Damn the Man Embroidery Sampler via Stitchin In Richmond on Etsy

This Phone Case you Can use After April 8 via Hello Sailor Tees for Redbubble

 This Minimalist Print which is amazing via Fictional Chick for Society6

 This Sexy Rexy Card via Meet Me in Shermer on Etsy

This Tao of Lucas pillow via Emily Farquhausen for Redbubble
This hilariously glorious shirt via Erin Maala for Society6 

This sweet tote via Rainbow Alternative via Etsy
(who have a TON of good Empire Records merch)

This print that I need in my life via Finlay McNevin for Society6

The Best Way to Enjoy your morning via IBTrav for Society6 

So I bet you thought there was very little merch out there for a movie that got shitty ratings and was released 20 years ago...well you would be WRONG. I dare you not to fall down the indie designed wormhole....what a great way to spend your Rex Manning Day

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