Monday, April 13, 2015

SPRING CLEANING! Thredup vs Poshmark: resale reviewed (honestly!)

I have a bit of a problem: I hoard clothes and buy compulsively. Because it's a pain in the b-hole to try on clothes for a gal who sits down 100% of the time, I often don't so my closet is chocked full of outfits that don't fit quite right or that for whatever reason don't get worn. [Tangent: This could be for reasons as arbitrary as it's mildly itchy...or reasons as serious as there's no way in hell it would button.] Because I don't spend a lot and buy a great majority of my clothes secondhand, sometimes I get carried away and will immediately purchase a cardigan just because it is my size and $2, never mind that I own literally 37 cardigans [Tangent: Yikes...maybe more. That was last count. This is not bragging, this is just a step below a cry for help.] . I am really trying to get better about this and in the spirit of spring cleaning have unloaded a lot of my stuff recently through a variety of channels. In addition to the garbage bags of goods I donated to charity, I also continued selling some things on Poshmark and sent off a bag to Thredup. I have some strong opinions about both of these app/sites so of course, I feel the need to share them.

These reviews are 100% honest and completely unique to me, I in no way get any kind of kickback from these sites, unless of course you use my codes to sign up for it, which you totally should because you get free stuff out of it too! 

For about 2 years, I have been selling on this PoshMark. Although it takes a bit of work and time to gain traction and followers, I have found it to be fairly lucrative if you have a lot of patience and are willing to work it like a social network and share other people's clothes, etc.

Selling: Over the two years, I have made probably $500 (but not all at once...super spread out) and have probably spent a lot of my earnings shopping in other people's closets. [Tangent: I only get frustrated because due to the "offer" feature  people try to low ball you on a fairly constant basis or they will ask you to hold an item for you indefinitely because they are awaiting a paycheck or something. From experience, that person rarely comes through so all hopes are dashed for a sale.] I do like that because you set the prices, you can haggle and bundle and put the items on sale whenever you get an itch in your britch to do so.

The great thing is that you get to keep 80% of your sale and don't have to pay shipping on your item (because it's included in that 20% taken out of the total.). When your item sells, they email you a packing slip to print off and it's pretty easy!

Buying: I love the idea of resale and haggling and most of my purchasing experience has been really positive. For example, I have a love of Tom's ballet flats, but refuse to pay $70 for a pair, and on this site I have gotten insanely lucky and gotten 2 pairs for about $25-30 a pair. I also have bought some J.Crew sweaters for which I would never pay full price for about $15. Honestly, some of my favorite items of clothing I own were ones I got for next to nothing on here. 

 Also, Poshmark keeps you updated via email when your item is shipped and after that it generally gets to you in about 2 days because all shipping is priority. I love speedy!

Bonus: Wanna try it yourself- we can both get a $5 credit if you use the code HGENX upon download!

I turned to Thredup mostly because I had some things I was having trouble moving on Poshmark and additionally Thredup buys/sells kids clothes and a great deal of my clothes are an XL in little girls and are in immaculate condition. [Tangent: What? They are cheaper and usually come in more festive colors/prints. It is one of the perks of having the upper body build of a pre-pubescent girl. Being as flat as a pancake gives me the right to have a sundress covered in elephants, OK!?]

Selling: The whole process is super easy. You request a mailingbag on their website. In a couple days a huge mailing envelope arrives at your door [Tangent: I cannot stress to you how monstrous this sucker is. You can fit so much in there!]. You shove all you can into the pouch and free of charge ship it back to them. Think of it as a Plato's Closet or Planet Exchange for lazy people who don't want to face the garment rejection in person. [Tangent: IT IS THE WORST! Getting that look of "We don't want your stuff" in person is getting picked last for dodgeball level demoralizing.]

A few months ago, I stuffed one of their polka-dotted complimentary mailers to the gills. Since I had previously given all the junky clothes to Goodwill, what I sent them was mostly name brand and in good condition. [Tangent: With the good stuff,  I threw in a few random items just to get them out of my closet, even though I knew they weren't the greatest. It saved me another trip to the Goodwill donation center, and I know they give their excess to charity anyway.]  I was in clean out mode (and am cheap) so I opted not pay the fee to have the garments shipped back to me that were not bought, but if you are really attached to some of your items- you can opt in to that for around a $12 fee.

 I figured there was no way they would turn their nose up at the boutique dress, never worn dress shoes, and the BCBG silk blouse that were in the bag, but they did...and what they bought was really strange. Out of about 35 items sent, they bought 5 and none of the good stuff. They bought an Old Navy dress, 2 Mossimo t-shirts that were purchased off a Target clearance rack and a pair of fake Toms that I bought at Five Below but never wore. [Tangent: Yes, they bought a pair of shoes that retailed for $5 originally.]

 Although, I was a little weirded out by their random purchases, I figured the whole thing was a crap shoot in the first place and getting $5 was well worth getting my closet cleaned out. My sister also tried Thredup and did slightly better than I, but was also surprised of the things they decided to buy in lieu of what they passed over. [Tangent: In fact she was the one that told me to toss in those shoes from Five Below because she had sold hers months earlier.]

Buying: Haven't tried it yet, but I like how the items are displayed on the app/site. I feel like the photos are well done and seem pretty true. My only hangup is that I think they overvalue some of their items. The "Solemates" shoes they bought were those $5 fake Toms and I think the "original value" they placed on them was $38. False.

Because I like buying secondhand, I'm sure I'll give in at some point. This $4.55 is burning a hole in my account. 

Bonus: If you would like to register for free on Thredup- do so via this link and we both get $10 spending credit on the site. Since that is double what I got for my giant bag of clothes, I highly recommend you doing it!

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