Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What I Saw at Wild West Comedy Fest 2015

Dear sweet sugar-coated lord. Last week was Wild West Comedy Fest and thus exhausting and fantastic. [Tangent: I am seriously still recovering and thus spending this rare gorgeous day being a lazy shut-in.] This is the second year for the week of comedy shows that brings big names and comedy events to Nashville. [Tangent: Last year we went to a live taping of @Midnight and went to a Q&A with Vince Vaughn and The Lonely Island. You can read about that here.] When the tickets went on-sale in December for the various events, I think we got a little carried away, but there was SO MUCH to choose from that I had a hard time cutting myself off.  In fact, after going to 3 different shows this year, I still regret missing Joel McHale, but it wasn't in the budget.

OK. So here is what I did see.

1. Benson Interruption

Because I love Doug Benson live [Tangent: Seriously, his stand up doesn't even do his humor justice, his quick wit and improvisation is unmatched.] and cheesy cinema, I naturally was onboard to see The Benson Interruption of Footloose at The Belcourt. Although I am a huge fan of his Doug Loves Movies podcast, I have never listened to one of these before, so it was all new and exciting! Basically it is Doug and some comedic guests making fun of a movie live as an audience watches it along with them. [Tangent: It is kind of like Mystery Science Theater, but unlike that series- it is 100% made up on the spot...so I like it even better because the comics are mostly just trying to make each other laugh.] The guests for this were Ralphie May, Rorey Scovall and Nate Bargatze. They all cracked me up and I will probably never watch Footloose the same again.

2. Kevin Smith Q&A
Like most people my age, I spent a lot of time in high school and college watching Kevin Smith movies and Mallrats is one of Jamie's favorite films, so this was an obvious choice of something we needed to go see. It was back-to-back with a live taping of his podcast with Jason Mewes [Tangent: The Jay to his Silent Bob.] so although we didn't go see that taping, while waiting to get in, we actually got to talk to his cohort for a few minutes. [Tangent: Mewes cracked me up because he was wearing a very enviable floral headband and a man-bun! I loved his look. After signing something for Jamie, I asked him to defile it with something dirty or maybe some genitalia, to which he just started saying "so you want me to draw a wiener?!" He then used the word "wiener no less than 10 times in two minutes.  I loved that one of the allegedly filthy actors was using the term wiener. It made me happy. ] The Q&A was pretty cool and it was interesting to hear about the up and coming Mallrats 2 and some back story about the making of some of his movies, but Smith is hella long-winded and the show didn't let out til 1 AM! I don't think my inner grandmother had adequately prepared for this, but luckily Smith was the nicest person in the world and came outside afterward to meet and say hi to everyone.

3. John Mulaney and Nick Kroll

Although I have not seen a lot of their stand up (aside from some short appearances), I have loved Mulaney's writing on SNL and I love Nick Kroll whenever he is on ANYTHING [Tangent: Seriously...he could do absolutely anything and I would crack up] ! I have recently also started watching Kroll Show and feel as if the Wheels, Ontario skit really speaks to me.  Anyway, our seats for this were incredible thanks to the random favor that occurs from the handicapped seats at the Ryman.  I laughed non-stop throughout the entire thing, especially when they broke their strides to interact with/heckle audience members for being late so they could get chicken fingers or for leaving to go to the bathroom. After a costume change, they also finished both of their sets with an encore where they reprised their famous roles as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland aka the "Too Much Tuna guys." Although, I love Kroll Show, this has never been my favorite skit- but their improvisation was amazing and now I will watch it with fresh eyes!  Also, as we were leaving we overheard the girls walking behind us say that Amy Poehler had been sitting likely really close to us, because she was there to see her boo, Nick Kroll!!! HOW DID WE MISS THAT!?!??! [Tangent: here is Jamie's mapping out of the situation after the fact.]

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