Thursday, May 7, 2015

I had to weigh in on the girl in a wheelchair winning a treadmill, right?

On Tuesday, a friend sent me the now infamous video where the girl in a wheelchair [Tangent: Not me...there are others and this lady's name is Danielle Perez.] wins a treadmill on the Price is Right. The irony of the matter of course made me giggle hysterically. I watched it multiple times as I imagined the producers heads exploding.

I was in no way laughing at her, but laughing with her as a sign of disabled sister solidarity because I knew the Internet would lose their damn minds over the palatable awkwardness. Here are a couple of the scenarios I dreaded.

1. Somehow someone would see her appearance on the show as inspiring despite her disability. Ugh. I'm pretty sure the ability to walk and the ability to guess prices are not mutually exclusive. She wanted to be on the show, so she auditioned to be a contestant. Simple.  [Tangent: I didn't love that most of the articles featured the phrase "wheelchair bound"...which sounds so scary to me!] It's always good to see people like me on television, but not when it comes standard with a morality play.

2. People would be mad at the show for airing the episode or for giving her the prize at all.
I don't really get why people get their panties all in a twist about this. I think pulling it from the air would be insane. I mean if an 80-year-old woman goes on the show and wins a Roku TV or high-tech sound system or a dune buggy, she may not use that either, but they wouldn't pull it from the air. [Tangent: I've also considered what if someone won a giant sectional sofa and 90 inch TV but lived in a teeny apartment?]

Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel had Danielle on his show last night and extended her 15 minutes a fame a little longer, which I am A-OK with because this girl is definitely someone I could roll with. [Tangent: Yep! Pun intended, shamelessly.] He got to know her a little and they discussed the absurdity of the whole thing and spoiler alert: he awards her with an accessible cruise. 

My favorite part of this whole thing is Jimmy's statement:
"People are looking for reasons to be mad about things they have no right to be mad about all the time. That is why the Internet was invented."
Well, i for one am not mad.. maybe because I am such an unabashed game show nerd, but I am glad this weird pop culture faux pas has introduced the world to Danielle!

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