Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Earlier today I was talking to my mom as I was scrolling through Twitter and reading her some of the #ThanksDave posts on Twitter in honor of the last episode tonight of The Late Show with David Letterman.

 I read her my tweet about being 10 and the fact that my parents told me that I could stay up past my bedtime because it was Letterman's last show before jumping networks and landing in his current CBS time slot. Probably to appease their own insecurities about their bold parenting decision, they reiterated that this show had historical value many times. [Tangent: Although she didn't remember it, my mom now finds it funny and a bit skewed the things my folks found historical...lest we forget her decision to allow me to stay home from Pre-K when Maria got married on Sesame Street. My addiction to pop culture has clearly been enabled by those closest to me for quite some time.]

At this point in my life, I don't know if I had ever focused on an episode of a late night show before. The jokes were always over my head, [Tangent: WHY IS THIS CLARENCE THOMAS COKE CAN GAG FUNNY!!??!] so I guess I found them useless and just continued to wish I was watching TGIF instead. That night was different. Not only did I watch my parents laugh hysterically, but I laughed, too. I remember them showing a clip of him wearing a velcro suit and stuck to the wall. It was so ridiculous that I can still picture it and how it was so stupidly funny that it bridged the generation gap between me and my parents. My mind raced with two thoughts: Who is this man? and OHMYGOD! This is the coolest job ever.

I'll admit, I haven't been 100% loyal to Dave. In fact, when Conan took over for Leno [for that year that existed] that was my clear choice from 10:30- 11:30. And once Jimmy Kimmel moved his show up a half hour, that has been my default. However, Letterman was my first love and I'm slowly realizing it as I have teared up at almost every episode counting down to his retirement. [Tangent: Most blatheringly during Ray Romano's heartfelt Thank You and then again during Norm McDonald's stand up set. It was so touching that snot might have presented itself. I even teared up during a montage of Rupert moments on last nights show.] As stated in Steel Magnolia's- "No one cries alone in my presence", so it's highly likely that I will be crying with many tonight and thanking my mom and dad for instilling in me the important things in life. [Tangent:...and remembering how hard my dad used to laugh every time they played Will it Float?]  Thanks, Dave!

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