Sunday, June 14, 2015

A day at Myrtle Beach (aka Shag 2)

 When I was growing up in the 80s, I had premium cable and my family had a Blockbuster membership, so needless to say- I saw the movie Shag so many times that it is forever imprinted on my memory [Tangent: If you have never seen this movie, you can probably go buy my worn out VHS copy of it at McKays. It's a purged item that I still regret letting go of. If you aren't up for that needle in a haystack adventure, you can watch the movie on Youtube in 3 part installments and with Spanish subtitles by clicking here. It's a Phoebe Cates/Bridget Fonda teen road trip movie that is all about 4 friends and their rad time in Myrtle Beach, SC in the early 60s. It's all shag dancing and Elvis lookalikes and beehives and rebel flag bikinis. It's fantastic.] Although, my family always spent our summers growing up just an hour north of there, I never really spent any quality time in Mytrle Beach, but since Jamie knew it well from his childhood vacations, we knew a day trip was in order.

Because 99% of what I know of Myrtle Beach is based on Shag, I highly expected there to be boardwalk dance contests and impromtu beachside beauty pageants [...and a sidekick they refer to as Pudge for some inexplicable reason even though she is a size 6.] Well, unfortunately there was none of that, but there was a heaping helping of people in casual wear emblazoned with pot leaves and loads of souvenir stores where you could get a koozie or a keychain with your name on it [Tangent: Unless your name is Kimmie...then you have to pick a "Kim"]. It was very touristy and there was a lot to cram into one day. I only wish we had more time to spend there because Myrtle Beach is the ultimate Mecca of over-the-top mini golf! [Tangent: It also had some weird animal safari that I was super interested in because they advertised a chimp and a baby tiger who were friends! Who doesn't love unlikely animal friendships?! However they had crazy stipulations like: No skirts. No cameras. No white. No children under 8. No necklaces. etc. Oh, and it was $300. No thank you.] Maybe next year.

Here is some of what we did end up doing and seeing in our afternoon visit to Broadway at the Beach and the Boardwalk. Broadway at the Beach was like one big outdoor mall with Planet Hollywoods and attractions and carnival style rides and elaborate mini-golf [Tangent: With a dragon that shot fire out of it's mouth! They don't mess around in MB!] It was really hot, so we stayed there for a while, but didn't have money to shop or time to take a duck boat ride, so we just people watched and fed fish....oh, and posed with random things. That middle picture is Jamie posing with Bill Cosby's hand prints in the weird walk of fame in front of the Hard Rock Cafe.

Since Jamie was the Myrtle Beach expert, having spent many a summer there, he made all the plans. The only things on his nostalgic must-see list were a tacky 3 story gift shop called the Gay Dolphin and an Italian ice stand [Tangent:...that also had 120 flavors of soft serve ice cream, which is my idea of heaven!]. Both of these things were on the Boardwalk.

When we go back, I definitely want to ride the skywheel, the giant ferris wheel that overlooks the beach, and maybe get an airbrushed T-shirt emblazoned with a Looney Toons character of some sort (When in Rome!). Oh, and by that time Magic Mike XXL will have given me a new terrible movie localized in Myrtle Beach to obsess over.

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