Monday, June 8, 2015

dopplegangers 2015

Maybe it is the fact that I spent 100% of my downtime at my prior job being completely unproductive surfing, but I have always been hugely invested in finding famous dopplegangers for other people and being unsatisfied when I couldn't find a quality doppelganger for myself. [Tangent: I guess it's kind of like a successful coach who is terribly overweight and unathletic. "Those who can't do- teach." right? that a good analogy?] In the last couple years, the only people I get told I look like are the work of animators. [Tangent: This is not a completely new phenomenae. I wrote about my likenesses to Daria and a FB sidebar ad once before in this post, ]

The one on the left is from the trailor for Inside Out...the one on the right is from Despicable Me. Neither of them have I seen...but both are toons people have excitedly told me they were modeled after my likeness. I guess brown hair + glasses + childlike enthusiasm = Kimmie. I guess some girls would be pissed to be told they look like a computer-generated pre-teen instead of a SI swimsuit model, but I am just happy they are both female! This isn't always the case.

 I also like to chop all my hair off at random intervals into styles that I love, but that I later find also fancied by Top 40 frontmen from my high school years. [Tangent: Many years ago, my sister informed me that my former hairstyle, which I thought was giving off Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail vibes was actually more Johnny Rzenik Goo Goo Dolls vibes...oopsie. You can read about other times I was trying to look super chic, but didn't look like a chick at all here.] Then last week, I had an epiphany while listening to 90's on 9 on my vacation. While ardently car-singing along to "Push," I realized that if I do absolutely nothing stylewise with my current do, I kind of look like Rob Thomas in the heydey of Matchbox 20. Dang. Foiled again. That's what hair wax is made to prevent. This isn't something I am terribly proud of, but tell me if I am wrong.

 Although I am in love with my hair, I was starting to conclude that it the style I think is so easy and cute maybe isn't a cutting edge female style....that is until I was watching The Chew or The View or one of those shows and spied a little adorable nymph of a human who had adorable hair (and lady parts) in a Yoplait yogurt commercial. 

OK, I realize aside from hair, this girl and I have nada in common. She is possibly Asian and definitely French...and furthermore, she LOVES Yogurt...which I do not [Tangent: You all know it's turned milk, right?]. Evenso, it was kind of like that moment in Free Willy when Willy has been in captivity, but is finally able to swim with other orcas that are like him for the first time. [Tangent: Clearly the theme of the day is far-fetched analogies.]

Anyway, I guess the point that I  am taking the scenic way around is : Who do you look like? 

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