Thursday, June 11, 2015

have a summah at Holden Beach

It's really not a big secret that I listen to a lot of podcasts and one that I never miss is Who Charted?, a weekly top 5 podcast hosted by Kulap Vilaysock and Howard Kremer. Co-host Howard has a very important mission that he believes strongly in, he fights for the taking back of summer. He calls this movement "Have a Summah." Basically, it is his belief that as we age, we lose the specialness of "summah" and it is very important to hold it sacred and remember the enthusiasm for summer break that you had when you were younger. In order to properly "Have a summah, " he has a lot of edicts inluding:
Don't spend this summah in last year's summah suit!
Lose your swimginity.
Don't wear government pants.

Well, a couple weeks ago I took all these to heart and hit the Carolina beaches with my family and Jamie. It has been probably 15 years since I have been to the beach during the actual summah [Tangent: the last few trips have been in the fall and that time I got 2nd degree sun poisoning in Caifornia- it was in the spring so this is my first actual summer beach vacation in many moons.], so I thought this should really start the trend of having a summah. 

I have written about my adventures at Holden Beach here , here, and  here but couldn't love it more. It's small and not touristy and there aren't really any attractions, but I am 100% on board for that. It was an awesome way to start summah off right, and lose my swimginity without governnment pants. Oh and i got to spend it with my niece and nephew (who were also living by these mantras). [Tangent: I bought my 3 year old niece and I several matching outfits, because it is my dream to have an Island of Dr. Moreau style relationship where I dress a tiny person up as myself. However, coordinating dressing schedules is increasingly difficult to execute with a small child. Lesson learned. Hopefully,  I will indefinitely be able to wear a child's XL and unashamed to shop in a children's department.] Here are some pics of some of our adventures. [Tangent:  If you don't care, that's completely understandable. I have some major insecurity with destination posts. Although I love reading them, I feel like its the equivalent of your aunt showing you a slideshow of her trip to Branson. You don't know these people or places so why should you care? ]

I bought these mermaids for roughly $4 and the way my niece obsessed over them, one would think they held diamonds.

future album cover.

I took this picture while Jamie was on the final stretch of our beach stroll. Even in a "beach wheelchair", its like pushing through oatmeal.
I call this picture weekend at Jamie's because he looks deceased.

my favorite picture.

the only glimpse of my new summah suit

obviously she is made for instagram. My niece has it more together at 3 that I do now.

I love these tacky shirts, but this one especially because what is this outfit about. Belly button up- Katy Perry circa 2010, belly button down- Britney Spears circa 1999.
baby Ollie's first swim
losing his annual a DONUT no less.

Ellie beach flair.

Ollie beach flair.

I'm so stoked for the rest of the summah! I just hope it didn't peak too early! 
What are ya'll doing this summer (Government pants optional)?

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