Sunday, July 26, 2015

Clean Pioneer Disability Romance deserved a "to be continued"

Can I tell you guys a secret? Ya'll are freaks and I love you for it. Let me explain; a lot of times I think I am a weirdo because I get easily intrigued by things that are completely ridiculous. Then I see you all share my enthusiasm, and I feel very excited because it means you're just as mentally skewed as I am. Such was the case with my last blog about Emma Morgan's series of clean Christian pioneer disability romance novellas. In the hours following its posting, I got several texts and messages from interested parties who wanted me to read these straight-to-kindle stories and investigate this weird subgenre further. So I did...I downloaded several Emma Morgan free previews to the Kindle app on my phone [Tangent: So I realize these books are a steal at 99 cents, and I will without second thought spend that much to beat a particularly heinous level of Bubble Witch on my iPhone, but I didn't want to buy into something that I wouldn't care about.]

While milling around on my Kindle app, hemming and hawing over which hypothetical mail-order bride to choose, Amazon recommended another two series that have to be seen to be fully processed. [Tangent: Otherwise, one might think they are the work of some photoshopping with stock images.]. I give you three more names [Tangent: Yes, THREE!]  you need to know in the clean, christian pioneer disability mail-order-bride romance genre- prepare to fall head over heels for Terri Grace's Destined for Love series and the various works co-penned by Belle Fiffer and Indiana Wake. Brace yourselves, guys, because these are doozies.
 As much as these newly discovered mail-order-bride titles tempted the snot out of me [Tangent: Especially that first one! I had to find out where that fell on the offensive meter. Are they saying a man has to be half blind to accept someone who is over weight or that his blindness was coincidental? There are no words for how befuddled it makes me. I do, however, like that this author diversifies and allows her cowboys to have a disability, too! What a brave choice!], I had to stick to my original mission. I first checked out Morgan's book Crippled Mail Order Bride for the Unexpected Horse Whisperer...I had to find out if his love of her was unexpected...or is ability to whisper horses unexpected. THESE. TITLES. RAISE. SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.  

As a gal with a disability, I guess I probably should have been up in arms about the use of the word "cripple", but I use it lovingly quite often and I hoped that since this book took place during the 1800's that they were striving for authenticity in the vocabulary used.  For whatever reason, I was giving Ms. Morgan the benefit of the doubt, and truthfully,  I was more nervous about how disability was going to handled ...and i got  my answer to that on page one of Chapter one. That answer is - HEAVY HANDEDLY! 

On every page, there was some eye roll inducing mention of her disability. [Tangent: I mean we get've emblazoned crippled on the cover...I get it...she has a limp.] It definitely deserves a mention, but it was tacked in SO AWKWARDLY onto every page that I couldn't handle reading the next 50 pages of the novella. I relied on my literate friend, Laura, who within minutes of reading my last post had downloaded the one I thought sounded like a Waffle House menu option- Barren and Scarred. Her review was that it was an easy read that didn't need her attention too closely...Also, spoiler alert: she wasn't barren after all and love makes scars invisible. How lovely.

While I am in the space of tying up loose ends from my last post, I wanted to say I'm sorry/You're welcome to those that fell down the succubus that is gay dino erotica on amazon thanks to it's mention in the last blog. I can't explain to you the conversations I have had now that people know of the illustrious career of Chuck Tingle. You can't go back once you know this literary world exists of "romance" with random objects and mythical creatures exists. I'm sorry for the hours you lost, because I was right there with you- I spent the other night reading about a man having an illicit affair with his boss...a six foot tall mug of coffee named Morcho.  Spoiler alert: It got really steamy and is not for the faint of heart [Tangent: Pun totally intended.] , but it featured the line "Everyone's gay for coffee." [Tangent: ...which is my new mantra.]

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