Thursday, July 9, 2015

I don't like minons...there, I said it.

You know when you have an unpopular opinion and you almost feel uncomfortable sharing it because you know people will look at you like you're some kind of monster. Here goes: I don't like minions. In fact, I find them kind of annoying. [Tangent: By admitting that I do not think these little yellow boogers are fun or funny, one would think  I was performing some sort of hate crime or ripping the arms off a Kermit the Frog and handing them to Animal to use as drumsticks.] I have been seeing a lot of movies in theaters, because it's summer and that's what one does, and every time I see the the Minions preview, the crowd erupts with laughter...ADULTS LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY TO A MINION IN A THONG!...and I kind of feel bad because I just don't get it. Sorry guys, I just don't enjoy their indecipherable brand of humor and that's OK. I'm a monster.

Let me be honest, I have never seen the Despicable Me franchise films and am basing my opinion solely on the commercials and those aforementioned trailers that they inhabit. So, no I'm not an expert (and I'm okay with 32 and not being a Minion aficionado.) I'm not exactly sure why they bother me so.

Perhaps my shift from apathy to full-blown distaste is due to over saturation. They're freakin' everywhere! Aside from being the patron saint of Facebook memes, as I type this- they are peppering the chyron graphics that haunt my Bravo programming! UGH. Not to mention their little goggled faces are on everything from Tic Tacs to Tampons

 Nothing is sacred. I swear their marketing guy must be overworked.  [Tangent: Before you call me completely humorless, please know that I laugh at a lot of dumb things on a daily basis. Even seeing the name "Dick Wolf" appear at the end of a Law & Order episode makes me giggle...EVERYTIME.]

Today, this all changed and I finally thought a Minion related news item that I found engaging. I even laughed, more than once [Tangent: ...And no, it's not the implicated profanity that I found funny. It was the absurdity and the mislabled "concerned mother" captioning and the interviews. That's apparently my kind of funny.]

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