Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm nominated for Toast of Music City!

Ten minutes ago I was trying to wrap up a blog about clean christian romance novels all about disabled ladies [Tangent: Don't worry, I haven't foresaken that very pressing topic.] when I  happened to take a mini break to vote in the Toast of Music City awards. Because I am a true patriot, I try to vote in most elections, especially these because I feel more educated on who serves the best burger around town than I do about the economy or foreign affairs. In the midst of my scrolling, I happened upon the best local blog category, expecting to see some of the awesome sassy local bloggers I voraciously read, when I saw something surreal...I saw myself. What. The. Crap.

For those that aren't familiar with these elections, it's kind of a big deal. This annual event is a reader's choice event put on by The Tennesssean. It covers everything from "Best place to buy a mattress" to "Best Steak." This is the kind of accolades you frame and put in the front of your establishment [Tangent: Or in my case will likely just brag about obnoxiously or airbrush on a t-shirt.] I'm completely humbled and confused why I am am even nominated in the category of best local blog, mostly because I am horribly unprofessional and use run-on sentences and unretouched photos that I take with my iPhone and use the word "poop" in every other post. I AM STOKED, even though it's crystal clear that I am the Ross Perot of this election. [Tangent: Clearly, cutting edge and timely political commentary is what keeps ya'll coming back.]

My campaign record is not great, but that doesn't stop my competitive nature. I'm the "also ran" queen of Middle Tennessee.  I may have lost my bids for Brentwood High Freshman class co-president and my bid for 3rd grade class mayor and even came in 2nd in a two person race for Junior Miss Wheelchair Tennessee 2000, but I wanna go down swinging. Let's see how far we can take this, shall we? 

So here goes, vote That Girl in the Wheelchair for Best Local Blog in The Toast  of Music City and take a few minutes, and vote for all the other categories, too!  Wouldn't it be insane if I won? 

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