Thursday, July 23, 2015

So, this exists: "Clean, Christian Frontier Romance Novels About Disabilities"

The other night in the paid-programming only hours of the evening, I was scrolling through Facebook and something that a friend off-handedly posted on FB made me take pause. My inner "This would be a great blog" radar was beeping like a mother trucker.

Apparently [Tangent: Our lovely sponsors who you can easily access by clicking on their banner on the right hand side of this page for all your everyday needs thus throwing a few dimes my way. So so shameless.] had directed her to some book recommendations catering to a very niche market of female readers (a niche I have yet to meet anyone in.)- the readers of Clean christian historical western romances with a disabled female protagonist. Yep, let that simmer. That exists. That's an actual literary least on Amazon. [Tangent: If you think that's kookoo, don't even get me started on those people making huge cash writing gay dinosaur erotica. Seriously, I dare you not to be obsessed with that bizarro concept from now until Labor Day. It's as if someone put 50 Shades and Jurassic Park in a the point that many of the dinosaurs are depicted as rich, mysterious businessmen. Picture it. A T-Rexes in a suit and tie. Adorable- yes. Seductive- not really. ]

Of course, within miliseconds, I was looking into the titles. I give you Emma Morgan, potentially my newest curious obsession.

Mail order brides with disabilities and their brushes with love on the western frontier- this is next level insanity in the best way possible. I guess I have conflicted feelings about this whole thing....I'm stoked to see anytime people with disabilities are "gettin' some" if you will...but seriously, could we make them anymore sad and dejected and needing of saving. [Tangent: Because I am not always the best police on people-first language, I don't want to nitpick, but come on, those titles are a little cringe-worthy even for people that are not PC.]  Since I have never really cracked the spine on anything romance-y or endorsed by a bare-chested Fabio,  I decided to check out some of the user reviews on Amazon to see if this was a 99 cent kindle download I needed to make. Here is what some of Morgan's biggest fans had to say.

 So, what do you think? Should I check them out...for research's sake?  And do I want my mail-order bride blind or barren and scarred?  [Tangent: Is it gross or weird that I feel like "barren and scarred" is a potential way to order your hashbrowns at Waffle House?]

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