Thursday, September 17, 2015

I Now Own an Al Carbee.

Blogging and social media in general takes a bunch of shit. People are always speaking out against it as some sort of evil empire. [Tangent: Dang the child predators and catfishes of the world for ruining the medium for the rest of us.] However, maybe because my jobs and hobbies are pretty reliant on it, I am decidedly pro. I have seen so much good in people because of it and have connected with some truly unique fun people and experiences.

My latest example came in the mail today care of Jeremy Workman, the filmmaker behind Magical Universe. [Tangent: You may remember my glowingly enthusiastic review of this film as part of May's Netflix Documentary Roundup. If you haven't seen it, it is about the "is he brilliant or is he just a weird hermit" world that is Al Carbee and his outsider art devoted mostly to Barbie portraiture and collage. Seriously, go watch it now. ] Through Twitter, I had shot him a copy of that blog and then later I tagged the doc when I found that weird Hamlet Barbie Death Metal photo at the Nashville Flea Market. Day's later, I had an email from Jeremy asking for my address because he wanted to send me a print of one of Carbee's original collages. WHAT!??!? Without hesitation and with about 10 exclamation points, I replied with my address and today I got it in the mail.  [Tangent: It was later pointed out to me that this could be a stranger danger situation and I was likely going to be appearing on an episode of Dateline NBC in the near future for being murdered, raped, murder-raped, or sent some sort of severed body part in a box. I promise I more or less vow to be more careful in the future. But guys, there was an Al Carbee at stake.] 
 So I guess talking to strangers has it's merits. I mean otherwise, I wouldn't be one of the few to own a little piece of Carbee. Also, now I am accepting suggestions on where one should display one of his amazingly bizarro Barbie mash ups.

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