Wednesday, September 9, 2015

OMG- Tom + Chee Comes to Nashville

Have you ever been enjoying the warm hug of a meal that is a grilled cheese sandwich and thought , "Dang! This needs more carbs!" So you fill it with macaroni and cheese...and then think, "Nah, I still still don't have diabetes and wore a dress without a waistband for a reason" so you add crumbled up parmasean potato chips [Tangent: ...because, let's be honest with ourselves,  all sandwiches are kicked up a few notches when you add a layer of crushed chips!] Perhaps I'm alone in this conversation with my inner fat kid and you're probabnly wondering how I got to this Valhalla of flavor? Well, move over Grilled Cheeserie because there's a new bitch in town and it's Tom + Chee

First a little back story. To say I have been excited about this would be an understatement. Jamie and I have been tracking Tom + Chee since we saw them on Shark Tank a couple years ago. [Tangent: Judge away but I love Shark Tank with a fervor that is usually reserved to sporting events. A sure sign that I'm an old lady is that most friday nights, I would be more than content to stay in and watch a marathon of it followed by 20/20.  It could be my not so hidden crush on Robert Herjavec, but I can't get enough.]  As soon as we heard that there was a restaurant in Louisville that specialized in grilled cheese and tomato soup, we were intrigued. Then when they mentioned that they carried a whole menu of sweet and savory sandwiches on grilled donuts, we were mapquesting how far away Louisville was. A few months later, the show gave an update about Tom + Chee and made the offhanded remark that they were opening a franchise location somewhere in Nashville. [!!!!!!] Thus began the 2 year long Tom + Chee watch!

Our wait was finally over when the restaurant opened last weekend in the Nashville West area off Charlotte. I rarely get over to this side of town, but by God, I wasn't gonna let it's geographically undesirable distance let it keep us apart! I was going to make it my lunch spot and it seemed the perfect way to celebrate Jamie's last day off before he starts his new job! [Tangent: Jamie is finally out of retail after 15 years!! Grilled cheese seemed like an apropo celebration method.]  We worried that the foot traffic inside would be obnoxious given the novelty and newness of the eatery, but it wasn't bad for lunchtime on a weekday. I'm not sure if it was because it was Labor Day, but there were only a couple people in front of us in line.

We went with our friends Rae and Travis [Tangent: They are both Vegan (and you can read her veg-centric and other blog entries here), so rest assured there are lots of good vegan options there. Not everything is filled with animal byproduct deliciousness!] and I'm not 100% sure what they got, but it looked delightful. I was too busy making them pose with the signage to inquire about their purchases. 
Jamie, of course, is the opposite of Vegan [Tangent: He exists on beige food groups.] so he ordered the build your own with roast beef and cheddar on pumpernickel rye..and creamy tomato basil soup. I got the above crazy concoction of a mac + chee sandwich with an added potato chip crunch and a soup dipper. [Tangent: A little ramekin of soup for $1 upcharge is the most brilliant thing I have ever heard of. It's the perfect amount for dipping!] We couldn't leave without getting some kind of donut craziness, so Jamie ordered a to-go donut sandwich that featured mozzerella, peanut butter, chocolate pieces and marscapone cheese. I know it sounds disgusting, but it was so good that it didn't make it to the car, and I stole more than one bite. [Tangent: Also let's not draw attention to the fact that this was the second time in a week that my boyfriend has ingested a hearty sandwich with a donut as a bun. I mentioned it in my last blog. I have faced the fact that we are garbage people long ago. ]  If you can't make it out there today, at least go salivate over their menu here.
 You don't have to trust me, their yelp reviews are killin it! I can't wait to go back!

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