Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Post Labor Day Post- What I did this summer (with instagram help!)

This weekend I went into Dunkin Donuts and emblazoned on every non-human surface (and some of those, too!) were ads for their pumpkin spice infused EVERYTHING. [Tangent: As much as I love fall, this is one aspect I don't care a thing about. It's a LOT of white girl hype for something that isn't that unusual. Ya'll know you can buy All-Spice and pumpkin pie seasoning anytime of year, right? You can put it in anything...whenever you want. ANYTIME! You don't have to go full crazy pants around labor day because of dumb pumpkin spice season. If you can dream it, you can be it...and it can "be" pumpkin spice season whenever. I know that's a divisive stance to take and for that I am sorry, pumpkin spice lovers.] I guess this is the advertising world's signifier that summer (or summah as I like to call it) is over. As much as I love fall, I am sad so today in honor of yesterday being Labor Day and being free of work or responsibility- I thought I would pull the lazy blogger card and show you some fun things I did around town on my summer vacation that I never got around to writing about. [Tangent: This would be like my version of show and tell on my first day of Kindergarten. It's the Internet's version of a "Marvelous Me" poster board....only I left off all the unphotophenic things I did like binge-watching Scandal and finding my first comfortable and flattering pair of shorts as an adult. These were memorable moments, for certain though.] To even further show my sloth card, I culled all these photos from my instagram

First and probably most boring to everyone else, I got to see a lot of my nephew. Ollie is a mega-baby topping out at 27 lbs at 11 months. He is my little meatball and this was our solution to hanging out in a pool on the deck. [Tangent: Don't worry...my sister was out of shot, they didn't leave the girl with a disability (and unable to lift 30 pounds)to have full jurisdiction over a baby in a pool of water.]
Last week we went to play Simpson's trivia at The Stone Fox. My goal was to know one question that my friend Ryan didn't, and I met that goal, so even though we didn't win- I felt victorious. [Tangent: You may remember Ryan from when he dressed up as Milhouse and was put on a gay tumblr without his knowledge resulting in my favorite story ever.] I hope the Stone Fox puts on more events like this because I had so much fun. I only regret not getting the daily special which was a bacon cheeseburger on a strawberry frosted sprinkled donut. Ryan and Jamie ate it and didn't die.
 Obviously these are in no order, because I took these at Porter Flea, an amazing craft market that has gotten way out of hand since I first went 4 years ago. This year they had basically a bouncer at the door to keep the event below capacity. This was kind of a godsend because it meant it wasn't nose to b-hole traffic while you are browsing through an endless cavalcade of prints and hand hewn knickknacks, but it also meant long ass lines. Luckily we got there early and they had fun photo ops in the entry way. Treat yo self? But of course!

 This year I really made an effort to check out events around town that I had never seen before. My friend Nettie works with Nashville Shakespeare Fest, so we went to Shakespeare in the Park when we had that perfect weather in mid August. Their play this year is Henry V, which I knew nothing about prior and Nettie gave me the Drunk History synopsis by saying, "This dude Henry is a real ass hole and no one expects much from him." Although a lot of it flew way over my head [Tangent: Apparently I am the biggest dullard ever when it comes to symbolism because I didn't get until the last 5 minutes that the colors they were wearing denoted the country they were fighting for.] I really enjoyed the production and would love to go back and see another show that I had more prior experience with.
 I also took my first stroll down the pedestrian bridge at night, which was awesome. I know that seems like such a gimme for someone that resides in Nashville, but seriously, I avoid the heart of downtown like the Herp. From this view though, I may give it another go! From up here, I don't have to deal with drunk girls at bachelorette parties.
 Another in the line of summer firsts was going to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Before you guys are all like, "Woah, when did you become highly cultured and fancy?"- fear not it was to see a 90's cover band. I love My So Called Band, so was excited to see a double bill with featuring them and Guilty Pleasures, another Nashville band paying tribute to the awful yet magical music of the past. I enjoyed the show tremendously because I'm fairly certain that's the first time the Symphony has played the Jurassic Park score leading into "Tonight Tonight" by Smashing Pumpkins.
 I love Zanies and am always so shocked that their shows don't sell out...especially when they get big name comedians. Michael Ian Black, who I have loved since his days on Best Week Ever and Ed, is in a bunch of big shows now, Another Period and Wet, Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, yet tickets to this went on BOGO week of the show! That's insanity! Go out and support your local comedy clubs, people!
I know I wrote about sweating my ass off and finding gold at the August Flea in this post but I didn't show you these kitschy and creepy teacher valentines. I mean giving a child in a bathtub card to your teacher is likely frowned upon.
I wish I had taken more photos at East Nashville Tomato Arts Fest because it's one of my favorite events of the year, but again I was too busy melting into a pile of swamp ass to worry about capturing memories, so I just got a couple! This year it fell on the fifth anniversary of Kimmie's Almost Dying adventure of 2k10, so it seemed apropo that this photo features prominently my trach scar. [Tangent: I thought I would explain because my friend Courtney says she always forgets about it and she thought it was my belly button, so looking at this picture and trying to make sense of it was a bit of a mind freak for her.] It also features the super cute event merch made by my friends at Olivia Frankenstein.
For a summer, it has been surprisingly slow wedding wise [Tangent: I feel like most of my friends are married off. Being over 30 is weird. ], but I did get to see these two lovebirds renew their vows on their 25th anniversary. Alicia is a friend that I met through blogging [Tangent: You can read her blog here!] and have fallen in love with her and her hubby, Clint. I was super excited to share in their day, lavishly Nashville styled, and loved more seeing the evolution of Clint's curly metal hair in the slide show!
The Belcourt puts on so many amazing events, [Tangent:...and maybe one of these days I will suck it up and become a member.] but my favorite are the outdoor movie series. It combines everything I love: summer evening weather, bringing our own food to an event and other people's dogs! This is a snapshot I took when we went to go watch one of my all-time favorite movies, Beetlejuice! The shrunken head dude always frightened me to the point of terrified incontinence as a kid, but damned if I don't love some Tim Burton/Harry Belafonte movie magic.
 How did I not write an entire post about my week at A.R.E Camp? [Tangent: It seriously deserves 100 posts! Maybe I will write one even though it's over 2 months late at this point.] Anyway, I got to spend a week on the lake with some of my favorite people...most of which I have known since either I (or they) were in elementary school. This year I was in charge of the gossip page and the daily newsletter, which of course is like asking me to breathe! This is probably one of my favorite pictures I took, though. I love a candid/not entirely candid action shot!
 Because I started with an adorable baby, I thought I should end on one, too. This summer marked me spending some much needed quality time with this puddin pop! Claire is my best friend's daughter and since she was born, she hasn't really had a lot of time when she wasn't in the hospital. She had open heart surgery at 5 months and then was diagnosed with leukemia just shy of her first birthday. She then spent the next six months doing inpatient chemo. She was a sick little muffin, so I love to see her untethered from wires and out having fun and being a full on ridiculous toddler. We had a big party for her in June to celebrate her kicking cancer's ass!
What did you do fun this summer!?!?

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