Monday, November 16, 2015

Doug Loves Movies- 4peat!

 I try not to be overly repetitive, but I am more or less the most predictable creature of habit that you will ever meet [Tangent: Only creature implies fangs or fins so I want my habitual creature to be an Ewok or Gizmo.] so I'm gonna be writing about going to a Doug Loves Movies taping again, and you guys are gonna deal with it or GTFO! [Tangent: Woah...not sure where that repressed anger erupted from. I got up at 6:30 today like a normal capable human should... so I will blame that.] Last week, Doug Benson was in of course, I was at Zanies! I feel like at this point, after a fourth podcast just gets more and more fun! [Tangent/Fun sub-story that seems like name  dropping but totally isn't: A couple months ago I was cleaning out my inbox  on FB and for some reason checked my "other" folder where messages get cached when they are from people you aren't friends with. Anyway the message was from Graham Elwood, who is a funny comedian/podcaster and frequent guest on Doug Loves Movies. It said "I'm finishing up Ear buds and Doug Benson mentions you as a fan who is also a medical marijuana patient. Would you be willing to send a photo of you and Doug and sign a photo release?" My reaction was: Wait....DOUG AND GRAHAM WERE TALKING ABOUT ME!?...followed by compulsive laughing because I am the squarest peg and have never smoked pot...not even in high school when all my friends were. Dang these crap lungs and this hyper-sensitive bod! They were keeping me from being in a documentary. Also, without even trying and in very fleeting in person and on twitter interactions, I had somehow bamboozled a man who is reknowned for his "Marijana-logues" into thinking I was a pot user. Unfortunately I have no substance to blame, these junky dietary proclivities and this general demeanor is 100% Kimmie.]

Anyway back to the subject at hand...I don't really feel like rehashing the format of the podcast, because really listening to it is the only way to understand what the hell it's all about. [Tangent: Trust will make the most sense that way and I've made it easy by posting links at the bottom of this post...Or you can read about it here or here.] At it's core, it's a comedy/movie podcast that encourages audience participation, which are three concepts I enjoy a great deal. The prep for it is almost as fun as the event itself because each audience member is encouraged to bring a movie-themed name tag that will make them eligible of the grand prize bag. My printer is a piece of garbage, so this year I couldn't work my photoshoppery magic as I have in the past. I had to get crafty. Here was Jamie modeling his sign and mine that we worked on in the midst of a Fargo binge.
 [Tangent: I have a feeling all the servers and fellow attendees were giving me mass stink eye for my giant prop...but I was hard up for a name tag. And bonus! I passed it along to Doug after the show (because naturally I always have a backup donut float at home...who doesn't?) and after sticking his head through it and deflating it, he added it to the next episode's prize bag. Therefore some stranger now has my donut raft with my boyfriend's DNA (saliva, heads outta gutters) all over the valve from blowing it up multiple times. It's like the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants...but with $5 novelty pool toys.] Speaking of Traveling Pants, my table had some amazing signs as well. The one that Rae made for her husband Travis still makes me laugh especially hard...Travising good.

 This year, my goal was to twitter-stalk DB prior to the show and get him to call on me to choose a name for his "Last Man Stanton" game where the panel tries to name as many movies as they can from an the filmography of an actor/actress. I hemmed and hawed, consulted the show's wiki and discussed with my friend Ryan potential names. Doug ended up picking me so if you listen to the podcast at the link below, you will hear by grating voice bellow out "Susan Sarandon!" Spoiler Alert: No one seemed to know many Susan Sarandon movies... which is odd because she's been in 220+ films. 

I'm so glad our annual trip to see Doug is still going strong! It's seriously one of my favorite events of the year! Here's a family picture with brother Doug. 
Things to Listen For: discussion of my obscenely huge donut name tag; my shouting Susan Sarandon and everyone grumbling about it; my friend Ryan yelling Curly Sue repeatedly after the Steve Carrell round; Doug mocking the voice of Ryan's friend when he asked where Geoff Tate's comedy special could be found. 

Things to Listen For: At about the 4 minute mark you hear about my giant donut (not a euphemism!) in the prize bag

PS. When I was waiting outside for Doug, a nice dude in a Nirvana T-shirt that actually had Hanson on it said "Hey! That Girl in the Wheelchair!" [Tangent: I assumed he had read this blog before and not just someone stating the obvious.] This threw me for a loop because I sometimes forget people read this blog...especially that aren't connected to me in real life.  So I'm very hopeful I came off nice and appreciative (which I am!) and not creeped out (which is likely the vibe I gave off!) If you are reading this, THANKS! I am weird and awkward and don't know how to act in public. Also, nice shirt!

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