Sunday, November 15, 2015

I wrote about Overboard for Hello Giggles

Preface: I am more than aware that I have been completely MIA from this site in November. I'm trying ya'll, but every time I think about it- I get pulled into something very crucial (that is not at all crucial) like getting overly transfixed with season 2 of Fargo or today's discovery/binge Master of None on Netflix. Also I know the following post is complete and utter nonsense in the face of the unfolding world events of last week, but anything I have to say was likely said more eloquently by more skilled writers. I've read some doozies that have brought me to tears and really made real things that seem so completely unreal. I implore you to do the same. The following will likely seem trivial in comparison...

One of the things that I love about writing and doing stuff like Hello Giggles is that I completely never know which pitches they are gonna go for. The way it generally goes is I pitch them a story idea, and when I get the green light- I press on and make it a story (if it isn't already). I can't even imagine the inner thought processes that go on inside the  the lovely human's mind that reads my pitches ! I also (if we are going with the whole pitch/baseball analogy) swing for the fences and go all in with each idea...even if they're half-baked and generally sent in via iPhone at 2 AM when I am trying to go to sleep. [Tangent: I would not be 100% surprised if they think I have some sort of multiple personality disorder by the frequent pitch bouts that occur on any and all topics in the midnight hour.]

One such night while wrestling with insomnia, I started watching one of my childhood faves on premium cable: Overboard! [Tangent: Yes I have premium cable and Netflix/Amazon Prime and I still chose Overboard as my best cinematic option....but who wouldn't?] It is a movie I remember so fondly (and vividly) even though I hadn't seen it in 15+ years. This was my love letter to Overboard. You can be magically transformed to the site by clicking here or on the obnoxiously large link below. After reading the piece, please leave me comments below and defend your perfect 80's movie. I wanna know...because I probably have opinions.

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