Tuesday, November 17, 2015

TOGITW: Good Beer is a short film you need to see NOW!

Today I was scrolling through Facebook [Tangent: What a shocking turn of events and completely uncharacteristic of me! I know...I know!!] and saw several awesome ladies in wheelchairs with whom I am acquainted posting about Good Beer, a short film that was released to the public today via social media and on YouTube starring Shannon Devido [Tangent: Hence the TOGITW because this post is all about "That other girl in the wheelchair"] the film's FB page boils it down to to the following summary:
'Good Beer' is a new short film about a blind date that transcends disability and is a universally relatable love story for the 21st century.

After 7 minutes of awesome yet painfully awkward truth bombs, I knew I had to share it with you immediately to show the genius in honesty and talking about things that are hard to broach. It's so good, right? As tired as I am of the weird stereotypical assumption that I know everyone else in a wheelchair, I'm sorry to say it's kind of true because I actually kind of know the sassy dame in Good Beer.  Her name is Shannon Devido.

Throughout my first couple years at Middle Tennessee State University, I had an apparent lookalike..and it just so happened to be Shannon. [Tangent: When you're in a chair, one would think your chances of having a doppleganger would be lessened because that's just math and statistics, right?   (I was never skilled at either subject (hence why I do this.) so I could be way off with that assessment!) According to the general populus , at MTSU at least, there couldn't be two petite girls in wheelchairs with glasses and dark hair at the same time. [Tangent: Surely a miraculous event such as that meant the Armageddon was upon us.] She was a year or two my senior and because she was a cute gal, I chose to take it as completely complimentary. [Tangent: Can you imagine the moment of self-actualization that would have occurred had she been completely unfortunate looking!]

 Although, I only really had cursory interaction with her, I learned a lot about her from strangers on campus who thought I was her and wouldn't accept my words to the contrary. 

Stranger on Campus: You were so good in Fiddler on the Roof! 
Me: What? Oh, wait...no. That wasn't me. But, thanks.
Stranger: Are you sure? You were great!
Me: Yes. I'm sure I wasn't in a play without remembering it. 
Stranger: Well, we miss you in choir class...bye!

I am now very proud to see the person I was mistaken for on the regular circa 2002 is going on to do really bad ass things! [Tangent: Although those mixups are not really happening anymore, when meeting my boyfriend's bandmate the other day,  he did say "Oh wow! Did you go to MTSU...you were in Fiddler on the Roof! You were great!" I almost hated to let him down and to admit I can't sing or act worth a damn... I'm a huge disappointment.] In addition to the amazing Good Beer short, she is on Hulu's Difficult People. I know I am plugging hard with absolutely no prompting on her end...but now I'm just hoping to be confused with the star of an awesome short film...because this time I may just take credit.

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