Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Childhood Crushes vs. Adult Crushes

I live and breath under the assertion that you are never too old to have crushes. In a relationship or not, it's totally normal and I'm thankful Jamie indulges me and my 7th grade crush proclivities when I tell him I only really wanna see Star Wars: The Force Awakens because Oscar Issac is in it.

The other day my friend Ryan challenged me on instagram to name my childhood crushes by participating in the aptly named hashtag #mychildhoodcrushes. Composing a list was super easy because well...I was once a 13 year old girl. [Tangent: In fact, I found the task so overwhelming that I went with middle school and prior. This walk down memory lane was way for fun and embaressing than I expected.]  I thought it would be fun to consider my crushes circa 1995 vs my crushes in 2015. Do 20 years really make that big of a  difference? Let's objectify some gentlemen, shall we?

My Childhood Crushes! 

  1. McCauley Culkin- In 2nd grade, he was in my favorite movie and when I found out he was my age, I found it natural to make him my imaginary boyfriend. Then My Girl kind of sealed the deal of our love ("HE FORGOT HIS GLASSES!")...that is until he aged out of the cute stage. Despite the fact that I find his pizza-themed Velvet Underground concept band intriguing, I no longer wanna hit it. Sorry Mac. 
  2. Rider Strong- I mean besides having the sexiest would be porn star name of the 90's, I feel like he is a given, right? 
  3. Jonathan Knight- He was my favorite NKOTB member even though my sister claimed him first and told me I had to default to liking Joe. Jon later came out of the closet, so obviously our love was not to be. I should have listened to my sister. 
  4. Matthew Nelson- Speaking of musicians that I'm embarrassed to have once loved- this half of Nelson got my heart all a-flutter for the summer that they were all over MTV. True he and Gunnar are twins and choosing a favorite should be hard, but Matthew was the one with the bangs. How could I resist THOSE WISPY BANGS!?!
  5. Jason Priestley- Although as an adult, I am team Dylan...as a kiddo- I was team Brandon. I even have evidence in this pic.
  6. Zack Morris- Duh.  
  7.  Aladdin- OK, so I know he is animated, but that street rat can get it! STILL! 
  8. Brendan Fraser- Although I have lost that lovin feelin' post Encino Man for Brendan Fraser, my love for him in School Ties was fierce. I remember being in love with him in 4th grade, even though I had never even seen the movie. Just the commercial where he was shirtless screaming in the rain about being the target of anti-semitism...that was enough for me. SOLD!
  9. BJ Honeycutt from M.A.S.H I used to watch M.A.S.H a lot with my parents when I was wee. I don't think I got most of the jokes, but I remember thinking BJ Honeycutt (sans moustache) was super cute!  
  10. Andrew Keegan- This is the one celebrity that I have sent fan mail to. Teen magazine used to make it so easy by giving you heart throb's addresses each month! Anyway, now he leads a weird cult....so I guess I had crystal clear judgement! 
  11. Corey Haim- License to Drive was one of my favorite childhood movies...and my love of the movie was fairly contingent upon my favorite of the Coreys. RIP. 
  12. Ethan (Randall) Embry-  I have written about it before in this post, but I have had quite a crush on Mr. Embry over the years (Can't Hardly Wait, That Thing You Do, EMPIRE RECORDS!) but it all started when he played a little rich asshole in Dutch. That little rich asshole had the keys to my preteen heart. 
My 30 Something Crushes!

  1. Robert Herjavec- This one baffles a lot of folks, but those that get it...GET IT! Anyway, if you are gonna have a Shark Tank crush, he is the obvious choice (with Damon John coming in a close second). To see his eye light up in that silver fox when a dog comes in the tank. That's really all it takes.
  2. Domhnall Gleeson- I have only seen two Harry Potter movies and none of them included this dude at his most awkward therefore I approach him him with a clean slate of cuteness which manifested itself over time beginning when I saw him in that In Time movie with Rachel McAdams and got stronger after his episode of Black Mirror and Ex Machina. He's the other reason I want to see The Force Awakens. [Insert pun about Force Awakening in my groin here.]
  3. Eddie Redmayne- OK. 3 studs in and I am already on my second ginger. Oh well...clearly I have a type in my 30s.
  4. Scott Avett- Picking a favorite Avett brother (a Favett if you will) is a real Sophie's choice...but I went with team Scotty 2 Hotty! I also am mystified that I didn't have more musicians on here. I guess I am more like my boyfriend than I thought...in that he believes you can't be too attractive and make quality music.
  5. Conan O'Brien- Where my love of redheads began...
  6. Jason Manzoukas- OK this is a weird one. I know he plays Raffi who is the disgusting character on The League, but I fell in love with his voice on the podcast How Did This Get Made? An amazingly hairy dude who loves bad movies...sign me up!
  7. Oscar Issac- He was pretty much the reason I love Inside Llewyn Davis so much even if I am not 100% what the hell is going on. I also could watch this dance scene in Ex Machina all day everyday.
  8. Ryan Gosling (in Lars and the Real Girl)- Ok, like most girls I think Ryan Gosling is attractive, but for some odd reason I find him the most endearingly adorable in a movie where he is in a relationship with a sex doll. Analyze that, psych majors!
  9. Paul Rudd- This is a gimme for any gal with blood in her body.
  10. Benedict Cumberbatch - This lizard of a man is adorable. I love him so much. Oh and that brings the ginger count up to 4.
  11. Matthew Gray Gubler- Any girl that has watched their share of Criminal Minds can understand my listing of Dr. Spencer Reid. He's a weirdo genius and no matter how floppy his hair gets....I am diggin' it.
  12. Jemaine Clement I can't believe I almost left him off!! When I was going over my pics with my friend Rae via text, she reminded me! He had me at HipHopaPotamus.
So what does this exercise all mean besides being incredibly sef-indulgent and insanely fun to do? I'm not sure. I guess when I was younger, I went broad and pretty much had a crush on every boy. As I have aged, my tastes have gotten more refined... and clearly my love of beards and redheads is lost on no one. This whole project was really fun and much harder then I had thought it would be.

Who are yours? 
If you have a blog, I wanna know them! Write a post and let me know!
If you don't, just tell me in the comments!
 I'm super curious how other people's then and now crushes stack up.

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